Monday, February 12, 2007

Too Many Calendars!!!

I waited until they were clearing the desk calendars out for a buck at Border's and stocked up. Now I'm looking at my desk and realizing I've only got room for 5 of the 7 I've got. Whoops. I've got:

* Dilbert
* Get Fuzzy
* Non Sequitur
* The Far Side
* Fox Trot
* George Carlin
* Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Babes

Last year I had Dilbert, Get Fuzzy, SI Swimbos, and a Star Trek desk jobber and that was manageable because I only needed to read two of them, but now I'm looking at six to read every day (not to mention the six weeks I've got to plow through) and that's a bit much. I stopped buying The Onion calendar because they printed stories over several days which defeats the purpose of a laugh-a-day calendar.

And tying into the previous post, here's a shot of Josie Maran from a SI shoot:

Why we fight, indeed!

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