Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Red Ring of Death Claims Another Victim

If you've been diligently following my Xbox Gamertag at right - which would indicate you desperately need to get some hobbies - you may've noticed that my Achievement points haven't been increasing despite getting several new games last week. Well, that's because my stupid Xbox 360, which is less than a year old, started freezing and then flashing the deadly three red LEDs which indicate console death. Drat.

It's on its way to Texas for repair/replacement - praise Allah that M$ extended the warranty period to one year - but what's baffling is that if you average my play time it works out to perhaps a couple hours per week. I have a buddy at work who has pounded his launch 360 mercilessly 6-8 hours per day and it is still going strong. Go figure. Hopefully they'll send back one with the new quieter DVD drives.

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