Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jesse Jackson Demands Reality Stop Interfering With His Racket!

Variety reports that anti-Semitic race hustler Jesse Jackson is whining that minorities aren't being given enough work and respect mere days before black actors - Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson - are favored to win three of the four acting Oscars this year.

As someone old enough to remember when white artists were still shown on MTV, I found this stat to be hilarious in its sense of grievance and entitlement:

Casting of minority actors remains a problem. Jackson noted, pointing to a UCLA study by Russell Robinson, released in December and showing that found 69 percent of Hollywood roles were reserved for white actors.
Considering that according to Census data whites make up 74.7% of the population and blacks only 12.1%, shouldn't some white supremicist like the Dems favorite Klansman, Sen. Robert Byrd, be holding demanding that fewer minorities be employed? Since liberals are all about quotas and numerical targets, it's only fair that some people of color take it in the neck so that Hollywood looks like America.


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