Sunday, February 18, 2007

Macrovision's Reply Translated Into English

A couple of weeks ago, Apple cult leader Steve Jobs issued an open letter to the music Industry saying that digital rights management should go away; an ironic posture for someone who's used DRM (FairPlay) to lock iPod owners into using his iToonz Muzac Store and vice versa.

Macrovision CEO Fred Amoroso dished up a crack-induced reply to Jobs' letter and Daring Fireball has a translation:

We have been involved with and have supported both prevention technologies and DRM that are on literally billions of copies of music, movies, games, software and other content forms, as well as hundreds of millions of devices across the world.

Remember those squiggly lines when you tried copying a commercial VHS tape? You can thank us for that.

DRM increases not decreases consumer value

Up is down. Black is white.

Sounds about right.

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