Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Box In A Box

While it started with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's funny "Dick In A Box" music video (semi-NSFW, it's uncensored) on "SNL", the truly egalitarian nature of the Internet (and cheap music and video tech) is on display with this nearly instant response song and video, "My Box In A Box":

Boy, she's a cutey, isn't she? (I'll be in my bunk....)

OK, I'm back. While not as much an obsession as the identity of YouTube phenom LonelyGirl15, curiousity about this comely lass existed and I tripped over a clip explaining who she was and who the real voice behind the song is.

Apparently, unhinged moonbat Keith Olberman was able to take a few moments' break from his screeching tirades against "Mr. Bush" - hey, Sporto, that's "PRESIDENT Mr. Bush" to you - to handle something more attuned to his abilities.

You heard right: Melissa has a boyfriend. Drat.

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