Friday, February 16, 2007

My Big Fat BF2142 Stats Graphic

While I have a portion of a Battlefield 2142 sig image over to the right (where else?), it doesn't show the depth of stats as this big honkin' thing does:


BF2142 vets may notice the Northern Strike badges at the bottom and wonder how I got those when the booster pack hasn't been released yet. I was in the closed beta test group and scored those during the limited time I got to play, no thanks to chronic Comcast modem outages and the absence of the beta keymaster the first night I tried to get going.

I'm not at liberty to discuss the pack at the moment (under NDA), but suffice to say that if you enjoy BF2142, you'll want to pick this one and at only $10, it's a decent deal. (No, EA isn't paying me to say nice things about the game. In fact, the cheap farging bastages may wipe the unlocks I picked up in the test.) Check out the official propaganda site here.

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