Monday, February 12, 2007

Dirk's Dish Du Jour: Josie Maran

While the Dixie Chicks racked up five Grammys last night for their unhinged hatred of Dubya - what, you thought it was for their MUSIC? Puh-leeze! - all I could wonder was how they were going to like living wearing a tent under Sharia law, stripped of all their rights (to speech, abortion, etc.) and their career. Of coruse, idiots like them don't see beyond their immediate infantile wants.

Anyhoo, here's Josie Maran, a MAW (Model/Actress/Whatever) who stars in the racing game "Need For Speed: Most Wanted", which I got the other day. There are these goofy cutscenes which advance the games plot and she's a hottie who helps you out. After one scene, my girlfriend said, "Wow. That's some good line reading there."

Sometimes, you're not looking for a decent conversation, ya know?

Maybe the Dixie Chicks wouldn't mind Josie here being covered in a Muslim tent out of some catty girl hate thing, but for the rest of us who enjoy the occasional half-naked infidel whore picture, the road of blind hate that the Dixie Chicks follow will make the world a much less pleasant place to live, due to the loss of things we enjoy.

And that includes the Dixie Chicks music. Their spite will destroy them as well as us all.

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