Sunday, February 18, 2007

F%@# Comcast In Their Stupid Ears!!!

I've been getting fed up with my Comcast service for about six months beginning when they unceremoniously jacked up my rate $15 after discovering AFTER 7-1/2 YEARS that I didn't have their crappy cable television service. When I called about the rate hike, the nasty CSR didn't have anything useful to offer and even lied about DSL service being high-speed.

Two weeks ago, I started experiencing sporadic outages and after a few days of this junk, I called support and they said no one would be available for a WEEK. WTF?!? While I waited, I had two evenings of planned participation in the closed BF2142 Northern Strike beta trashed because of outages and lag. By the time they fixed things a week later, the beta was closed. Thanks for nothing, losers.

At least it was fixed, right? Wrong! Last Friday, I was looking forward to taking advantage of a special weekend where all the unlocks in BF2142 would be available and you already know what happened. Comcast says that they'll have someone out on Monday and I'll likely be getting a new modem. Gee, thanks. All I've done is lose three nights of gameplay and those are hard enough to come by.

UPDATE: The tech just called from home and said that things look right spiffy to him. After quietly yelling that it was always fine when it wasn't failing, he said that Comcrap is upgrading the lines from analog to digital and that outages are frequent and that he's been doing nothing but trouble calls (and not installs) for the past few weeks. Well, boo-hoo for you, Dude.

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