Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Intellectual Superiority of the Pro-"Choice" Left On Display

AICN has a review for the abortion documentary "Lake of Fire" which is three hours long and, according to the reviewer, even-handed, though he also praises noted self-hating fascist Noam Chomsky for being the most eloquent about BOTH sides of the issue. Sorry, but a raving loon like Chomsky is incapable of being able to express the pro-life side on any issue while maintaining his pro-Culture of Death credentials. If I were to start trying to mimic the rhetoric of the anti-American fascist Left, it wouldn't fool anyone, so if Quint was fooled, that means he was buying what was being sold.

Anyhoo, in the Talkback area - which is a den of idiotic commentary that Kevin Smith righteously beat down in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" - was this comment which provides a nice window into the black soullessness of the elitist snob Lefty:

I am solidly pro-abortion... beyond pro-choice, I'm anti-breeding. I had a vasectomy in my twenties, so my money's where my mouth is. THE ONLY TWO REASONS FOR HAVING A BABY: IGNORANCE OR VANITY. Usually a combination of the two.

The world is full of needy kids. You want to raise one, adopt one. But nooooo, gotta make a special little pants-shitting mini-you, 'cause the world needs more of you and your special qualities so badly. Fucking pathetic, makes me ill. People who have no excuse not to know better and yet are slaves to their instincts, no better than farmyard animals.
Too bad his parents didn't understand in what low esteem he holds them, eh? Other replies encouraged him to remove himself from the planet - to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak - but we all know that the Left is all about doing as they say, not as they do.

The Left preaches panic about overpopulation and then has a large family, like Sting does; or preaches about "two Americas" before building a TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT MANSION (28,000 sq ft) worth millions like the Breck Girl, er, John Edwards is doing.

But it's not hypocrisy if a liberal does it, is it?


Anonymous said...

"or preaches about "two Americas" before building a TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT MANSION (28,000 sq ft) worth millions like the Breck Girl, er, John Edwards is doing."

Am I missing something here, Mr. Self Hating Libertarian? Is it hypocritical to express the opinion that there are "two Americas" just because you are rich and have a big house? It seems to me you have a right to your opinion whether you are rich or poor. Or are you supposed to give all your money to the poor before you are allowed to believe there are two Americas?

The fact is: the distribution of wealth in the U.S. is changing, and not for the good if you believe that a strong middle class is necessary for a healthy democracy. I know, you want a bunch of kings and the rest serfs - like the good old days, right? Before the class warfare loving libs took over and stole all the money from the Vanderbilts and so forth. I know you rue the day that occured.

You know what really makes me laugh? When your pal Sean Hannity starts complaining about how the rich people pay the most in taxes. He never seems to mention that the percentage that the rich people pay is less than the percentage they own. So they are actually paying less than their fair share on a pro rata basis. I bet you fall for that trick every time you hear it and start pounding your steering wheel in anger at how the rich people are getting ripped off. Too funny!

Have you seen the documentary "Born Rich" yet? It was made by a heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune and it is highly entertaining!

Dirk Belligerent said...


If John Edwards was a wealthy ambulance-chasing REPUBLICAN who'd built his fortune by suing the medical establishment so much on specious grounds that women are being encouraged to have their bellies sliced open for C-sections by doctors terrified of being sued for cerbral palsey claims, then he would be a BAD MAN, but because he's a do-as-he-says-not-as-he-does socialist, he's A-OK with you.

Have you ever noticed that the uber-rich liberals never demand a WEALTH TAX, instead making pragmatic noises about increasing the INCOME taxes? Why is that? Could it be that, just as you've implied, the rich don't pay much taxes on income by the time they're done sheltering it?

Duh. These people aren't going to hand the nest egg over to Uncle Sam if they can help it.

There is nothing inherently wrong with earning a fortune and consuming conspiciously. Edwards' hypocrisy is demanding that everyone vote themselves poorer out of some sort of guilt-driven egalitarianism while he both retains his shakedown gelt AND rules over us. Pass.

At least he thugged his fortune himself and didn't inherit it (e.g. Kennedy) or marry it (e.g. Kerry, Pelosi) like his fellow hypocritcal populists.

Anonymous said...

I love when liberals bring up "fair share." Especially when so many people in lower income brackets (the liberal voting base) doesn't.