Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hillary!'s Convenient Lie

Rich Lowery has noticed something revealing about the dust-up over David Geffen calling Bill and Hillary! Clinton big-time liars: How Hillary! used a "convenient lie" in turning the heat back on Obama. From the middle of the piece:

Distasteful though it might be, Democrats would be well-advised to revisit Bill Clinton’s personal scandals from the 1990s, not for what they say about Bill (we already know all that), but for what they say about the political character of Hillary. She was present at the creation of the Clinton “ultimate fighting” style of politics. As George Stephanopoulos recounts in his memoir, when he and James Carville discussed creating a central clearinghouse for attacks during the 1992 campaign, Hillary quickly grasped the idea: “‘What you’re describing is a war room,’ she said, giving us both a name and an attitude.”

During Clinton’s campaign and presidency, the war room got its truest test in beating back allegations of Bill Clinton’s infidelities. The strategy was to deny no matter what, and if the allegations had merit, persuade the woman involved to lie about them or, if she didn’t comply, destroy her. Hillary the feminist pioneer was an adamant supporter of and participant in this approach.

This has always been the corruption at the core of the Clinton team — Bill’s heedlessness and the need to cover it up. It created a political ethic that has a rottenness at its heart, and Hillary has deeply partaken of it. She tacitly acknowledges as much.
Hillary! is the worst of the worst sort of weak woman, yet gets praised as some sort of Susan B. Anthony when she's a second-rate Lady Macbeth. She's gotten nothing on her own and has carefully massaged Bubba's indiscretions to her advantage - i.e., Bill screws up; Hill! gets more power - but these sorts of games would be useless on the world stage.

If she was truly so gullible as to be the only person in the world who believed that her tomcat husband wasn't having sexual relations with that beret-wearing lard-ass, then how can she be trusted to negotiate a nuclear disarmament treaty?

Conversely, if she was lying - and she was and you know it - about the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" - then that means she let the business of government get sidetracked for months, wasting millions of dollars and leaving the White House with a scuzzy residue for years, all in order to leverage her martyrdom into political power; first as a Senator and then as the Sun Queen, er, President. Well, then she's all the more evil for her willingness to destroy anything that gets in her way.

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