Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dirk's Dish Du Jour: Ellen DeGeneres?!?

I first saw Ellen when she used to be on a mediocre sitcom called "Open House" back in 1989. According to the IMDB, that was her first acting gig and I thought she was kinda cute. Flash forward some years and she has her own sitcom and then the whole "Yep, I'm gay." thing happens and I have to cross her off the list. Drat. (Ironically, she banged Larry Sanders on Gary Shandling's show which threw people for a meta loop at the same time.)

While the bogus "Queen of Nice", Rosie O'Donnell, has revealed herself to be a bitter angry troll beast, Ellen has settled in nicely to a successful chat show and a series of funny American Express commercials and will be hosting the Oscars this weekend. She's always gone with a more masculine form of attire - all the better to score the hot babes like Portia de Rossi - so it was a bit of a surprise to see her on the cover of W this week.

(Calm down, you liberal knee-jerkers. It has nothing to do with Dubya.)

Whoa! What's up with the cleavage, E?!? Haven't seen that sort of action since her love scene with Sharon Stone in "If These Wall Could Talk 2". Inside, the pics are less provacative, but still neat to see her all glammed up for a change. (And looking good at age 49. I didn't know she was that old.)

What the unhinged, rage-fueled morons like Rosie O'Dumbass fail to see is that if the War Against Islamofascism is lost, then women and gays will be the greatest victims of the plunge into darkness that will follow. That goes for the nice, cute lesbians as well as the angry, psycho hose-beasts like Rosie. Her hatred of Dubya and desire to see the war lost will mean enslavement for women and death to lesbians. Liberals just don't get it.

While Ellen isn't the traditional cheesecake type I usually use to illustrate why we must fight Islamofascism and prevail, she's still a symbol of what will be lost if the Defeatocrats have their way. I can always ignore Rosie's noise hole, but I like Ellen and the world wouldn't be as fun without her and her gentle humor.

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