Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Charlize Theron: Beautiful, Talented, Dumb As A Sock

...well, the rising tide of Hollywierd insipidness and insularity has claimed another name off my Dump/To Do Lists as Charlize Theron succumbs to Rosie O'Donnell's Disease and answers comments about a genuinely tyrannical regime - in this case, Castro's Cuba - with a brain fart coupled with a verbal turd loaf saying that America is just as evil.

"I would argue that there is a lack of freedom in America."
Hoo boy. This coming from a women who's dated Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind douche bag) and Stuart Townsend (the man who would've been Tolkien's returning king until Peter Jackson sobered up and hired Viggo).

Say hi to Scarlett and Janeanne in the Phantom Zone, babe.

UPDATE: Apparently one freedom Charlize isn't lacking is the freedom to breach her contract with a ritzy watch maker.

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