Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Most Annoying Things About Windows Vista

Waaaaaaaay back in 1998, while still a neophyte computer user, I eagerly bought the Windows 98 upgrade on the day it was released because my computer had been cursed with the craptastic version of Windows 95 that didn't have the FAT32 file system and thus lost a ton of space to overhead.

The snazzy new Windows Vista came out three weeks ago and I couldn't be less enthused if it came with a taxpayer-funded Democratic Party mouse pad. There are too many issues with drivers for nVidia cards and the total kneecapping of accelerated audio and EAX by Vista's rewritten audio subsystem which brings stability at the cost of backwards-compatibility.

Now, PC World has a list of things that pet their peeve about Micro$oft's new bug house. I've got an extra copy of WinXP Pro on hand and until there are so many DirectX 10 games that I can't avoid moving on up, I'm going to hold off until the view on Vista clears up some.

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