Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who Says That Osama and Saddam Were In Cahoots?

One of the biggest of the Big Lies fostered by the Treason Media is the meme that Team Dubya has made up the connections between bin Laden and Hussein in order to "mislead us into war". Whenever another terrorist is killed or captured, the Left dismisses it with a haughty, "There weren't any terrorists until we invaded. We made it into a terror haven when it was as peaceful as a sleeping kitten before Bushitler screwed up the world."

I posted a link to a shorter version of this video a couple years ago, but I think that link went dead. Thanks to Power Line, though, this fascinating clip was rescued from the Treason Media's Memory Hole. I'm trying to get the air date and context that it was culled from, but it ran in 2000. Got that? The year 2000! Who was President then? What major event blamed on Osama bin Laden hadn't occured yet? It appears that this report ran after the USS Cole bombing Oct. 12, 2000, so it's likely that Al Gore was still trying to sue his way into power when this ran, thus meaning the Big Lie campaign against Team Dubya hadn't begun in earnest.

While the Treason Media's pretending that this doesn't exist isn't a surprise, I'm more curious as to why Team Dubya hasn't trotted this out for every press briefing they've conducted since the war began. Whenever David Gregory pops off with one of his specious questions, Tony Snow should say, "Have you seen this clip from your colleagues at ABC News?", and run it to shame the jackal into silence. (As if he had any shame.)


I forgot to post the link to the Power Line story and they had an update answering the questions I had.

The original ABC News report you linked to was from January 1999, I believe, and not 2000. The report was similar to numerous accounts in the worldwide press following Operation Desert Fox. That Clinton-ordered air campaign lasted from December 16 to December 19, 1998. Its purpose was to degrade Saddam's WMD and intelligence capabilities. Reports from more recent years indicate that the campaign nearly plunged Saddam's regime into chaos.

In any event, Saddam's response was telling. Just two days after Operation Desert Fox ended he dispatched one of his top intelligence operatives, Faruq Hijazi, to Afghanistan to meet with bin Laden. As I and others have written, Hijazi was no low-level flunky. He was one of Saddam's most trusted goons and was responsible for overseeing a good deal of the regime's terrorist and other covert activities. It was this meeting that led to widespread reporting on the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda. I collected a bunch of these reports, including the ABC News report, in "The Four-Day War." Another, earlier piece also discusses Saddam's conspicuous response to Operation Desert Fox.

The consensus in the media then was that there was a relationship between the two and that Saddam's regime was very willing to work with al Qaeda against their common foe: America. And vice versa. Indeed, the reporting indicated that they had been working together even long before Operation Desert Fox.

The reports from late 1998 and early 1999 are tough for naysayers to explain away for a variety of reasons, but that hasn't stopped them from trying.
Go read the rest of it to see what else the Treason Media has flip-flopped on reporting to us because they've decided that the enemy that needs defeating the most at this moment is Team Dubya.

If it wasn't for the Blogosphere watching the so-called watchdogs, who knows what other lies would be promulgated instead of the Truth. Remember when a WWII exhibit at the Smithsonian tried to paint the Japanese sneak attack as an effort to protect their way of life from American imperialism? The outcry from the public rapidly brought this naked revisionist move to a halt, but I wondered at the time how long after the last veterans from the Greatest Generation passed on would it take for the jackals to return and rewrite the history books to portray WWII as the time when Evil America struck out against a peaceful world.

Forget waiting 60 years to burn the Truth - the Treason Media is tossing eight-year-old history down the Memory Hole and then acting as if anyone who remembers what happened differently is a liar or puppet of neocon fascism. Uh-huh. That's why Reuters says that Dubya pulled us out of the Kyoto scam that we were never in. The Truth is out of style and the Treason Media's war on America via the proxy of Dubya continues unabated.

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