Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Morning Coffee

OH, NO! NOT MEAT LOAF AGAIN! For some reason, I've had the chorus to "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" running thru my head this week, so I finally scratched that itch by playing it on the drive in. "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" is the track after that. I've always wanted to do this at karaoke, but I don't know any female vocalists with the chops to handle the Ellen Foley part (Karla DeVito was in the video). Actually, I know two, but one's in New York and the other is hard to track down.

HILLARY!'S HIDDEN THESIS: I never heard of this thing before, but apparently Hillary! Clinton, er, Rodham's senior thesis at Wellesley was hidden away at the Clinton Regime's request so as to hide her radical Marxist views. Or that's the way some on the Right have spun it. The Left, naturally, says there's nothing at all controversial and if there was, it doesn't matter because she was just a kid and she's no radical; though how many non-radicals try to bury their non-radical writing?

This paragraph made me snicker:

A visitor to the Wellesley campus is buzzed in to the wood-paneled archives, but only after storing coat and briefcase in a locker outside. Pencils are allowed for note taking — no pens, which might mar the document. Readers can copy only a few pages.
Too bad the National Archives doesn't have such rules. That may've slowed Sandy Berger's stealing of history in order to erase the Clinton Regime's feckless and fatal errors in handling terrorism during their criminal reign.

DOES COPYRIGHT STIFLE CREATIVITY? I've had many discussions about the absolutely fascist behavior of the entertainment industry with regards to protecting their intellectual properties. Disney has bought changes to the law in order to protect Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain, but as a result, lots of other IP is disappearing because it's locked away. The irony of Disney's actions is that they made their fortune by taken public domain stories like Snow White, Pinocchio and Cinderella and then creating films of those stories. Under the old laws, anyone would've been able to make Mickey Mouse porno flicks by now. I'm not saying we want that, but that it could've happened. Of course, it would be disastrous to Disney's bottom line to allow such a thing to happen; to allow anyone to slap Mickey on a t-shirt with a bong, like all the Calvin pissing on a truck logo stickers you always see.

The Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" could never have been made and released under today's sampling and licensing laws and that shows how new art can't be made from old art when copyright fascists get out of hand. The next three items are all examples of how new art can be made from old, but could be injuncted out of existance.

YOU'RE A GOOD MANGA, CHARLIE BROWN: Check out this re-imaging of the Peanuts gang by the artist called gNAW:

Now peep at the other character studies he's done. How cool would it be to do new Peanuts comics with this art style? Cool stuff.

STAR WARS AS STEAMPUNK: Artist Eric Poulton has made a trio of drawings recasting Jabba the Hutt, Han Solo and (Mr.) Chewbacca, and Darth Vader... the "steam punk" style which presumes everything sci-fi looks like it dates from H.G. Wells time. Kinda cool.

RYAN VS. DORKMAN 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: I haven't seen the first fan film these blokes did and the fan film lightsaber fight flicks I have seen have usually been some nerds swiping at each other with their Master Replicas sabers to show off their rotoscoping skillz, but this thing is something truly awesome to behold. The choreography, camera work, editing and original score are top-notch and the pacing and FX are dope, yo! Don't freak at the run time; the last 3 minutes are just credits.

FRIDAY FIVER: "Smarter than a...."

1. What's your favorite game show to watch?


2. What game show would you like to be on?

"Who Wants to Shag Four Asian Girls in Catholic School Girl Uniforms with Thigh-High Stockings?"

3. Do you know anyone who has been on a game show?


4. What do you think the worst game show is?

I saw part of this thing called "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader" in which adults had to answer questions from the first to fifth-grade - or "Grade Five" as the Canadians would say - level and it was interesting to see the grown-ups have to rely on the kids to bail them out. It was like "Jaywalking: The Game Show". Elitist America haters will cite this as proof of American stupidity; to me it's a fine argument for shutting down the government education system.

Anyhoo, the worst show has to be that "Deal or No Deal" abomination. Just insipid.

5. Bob Barker, Howie Mandel or Alex Trebek?

Vanna White (when she was posing for Playboy, that is.)

NOW I CAN JUMP IN AGAIN: Got my refurb Xbox 360, but haven't hooked it up yet. Hopefully it'll be OK.

DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: I just watched one of those creepy indie movies called "The Quiet" which has "24" annoying hottie Elisha Cuthbert as a girl being serially incested by her father but is ambivalent about it. She gives a good performance despite the tawdry subject matter, but even without seeing the movie, it's always good to see her!

Remember: Lose the War Against Islamofascism and we lose the ability to see such things. Is hating Dubya worth losing the lovely EC, too? (To the fascist Left, yes; to the sane rest of us; hell, no!)

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