Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee

CHUBBY CHASING IS ONE THING, but when a 420-pound woman gives birth after being totally unaware that she was pregnant, the question being begged is, "Dude...what the...?"

HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM SCOTT PETERSEN? This is a Detroit thang, but Steven Grant has confessed to murdering his wife and hacking up the body. No one should've been surprised that he did it, but WTF is his excuse for leaving a torso in the garage? If you're going to kill your wife and act all innocent for the press, shouldn't, you know, GETTING RID OF ALL THE BODY PARTS be at the top of the things-to-do list?!?

THE NAME IS BOX SETS, JAMES BOND BOX SETS: I picked up all four Bond boxes yesterday at Costco after being surprised to see that the the price had come down $10 before the coupon came into play. 20 restored Bond flicks with extras for $144 out the door. My g/f was giving me hateful looks and saying, "But they suck.", and I was telling her to hike it. Yeah, the Dalton and half of the Moore ones blow, but for the price ($7.20 ea.), it can't be beat. I haven't seen many (if any) of the films before "Moonraker", so I figure I'll watch one per week in order. I'll post reviews if I do, something I've been meaning to get back in the habit of.

NO SUCH THING AS MANBEARPIG?!? ZOMG!!! England's Channel 4 is going to air "The Great Global Warming Swindle" which appears to finally speak Truth to the lies and hysteria of the Al Gore brigades. More on the show here and stay tuned for a Dirkworld® post with more facts about the FUD.

MORE XBOX WOES: I hooked up my replacement refurbed Xbox 360 and it seemed fine until I tried to play GRAW. For some reason, it's freezing up solid when it goes to DL the patch. I've troubleshot the thing nine ways to Sunday and other games are playing fine, but the moment I try to start GRAW, it's hosed. Oddly, it shows in my Gamercard at right as being played, despite never actually starting. What a hassle.

I'M LOST AND HARE KRISHNA ISN'T HELPING! On the semi-up side, I picked up "Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy" for half-off at a Blockbuster clearance. It's fun and cute, but I've found myself stymied by some of the puzzles or trying to figure out where to go next. This is a kid's game?!? (Bonus points if you get the reference in the title.)

SPEAKING OF "LOST": Does anyone care about this show anymore? I'm still watching and I know plenty of people who still do, but no one seems happy with the way things are going. After the brilliant first season, the producers have aggressively pissed away whatever goodwill they had and now are just being annoying with all the needlessly cryptic nonsense and lack of answers. Last week's "Heroes" was outstanding, deepening the mysteries while providing some answers about some characters and providing some surprisingly touching moments. I just wish that "Heroes" wasn't directly across from "24" so I could watch it in hi-def and not on tape. Oh, well.

THROWING COULTER UNDER A TRAIN AND SOME THOUGHTS ON RUSH: Some blog is starting an open letter petition to have Ann Coulter not speak before future CPAC gatherings. Given her line-crossing dumbness and the media's eagerness to smear all conservatives with the "conservatives = racist/sexist/bigoted/homophobes" meme, this may be a good idea. Check out the first comment - this guy lumps Rush Limbaugh in with Coulter as an example of a hateful "loose cannon". As usual, the facts don't match the smear, but since when have liberals let a little Truth get in the way of a good lie? Michael Savage is an appropriate example of rage talk, not Limbaugh. They just try to smear Limbaugh because he's the biggest, baddest talker ever.

The irony is that the smear works until people actually listen to Rush. I was one of those folks who "knew" that Rush was a hatemonger because that's what the media told me. A family friend liked him, but I rejected even giving him a listen to see for myself. This is what the Treason Media relies on: Blind faith in the bill of goods that they're peddling. One day, driven batty by the lameness of music radio, I gave Rush a listen and after a while, I realized that the media had been lying about him and that led me to wonder what else they're lying to me about. It turns out it was plenty.

Back in 1994, there was no Blogosphere and teh Intarweb was barely out of the lab, so Rush was it. Now there are a zillion web sites spreading the Truth about fascist liberalism along with plenty of liberal sites reinforcing the delusions of the brainwashed that up is down, Truth is lies, global warming is real, Dubya is to blame for everything and liberals are smarter and better by the virtue of being liberals. Blech.

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