Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Fox?

The fascist liberal Dems as embodied by head moonbat Kos, who is demanding that the Dem candidates refuse to debate on Fox News Channel. Nevermind that FNC is the highest-rated cable news outlet and would give a big audience to the field, Kos is filling his diaper and saying:

The issue is to deprive the right wing's premier propaganda outlet an easy opportunity to take cheap shots at our guys.

This is the media outlet that these Democrats would legitimize with their appearance at their debate:

First, the "cheap shots" comments is a laugh. The Treason Media has been playing dumb about the Scooter Libby fiasco for YEARS, knowing full well that Valerie Plame wasn't covert; Joe Wilson is a discredited liar about his trip to Niger; that Richard Armitage was the first person to spill the beans; yet they cheerfully promulgated the meme that Team Dubya was up to no good and they had no idea what the facts are. With the conviction of Scooter, the fascist Dems have their Watergate to go with their Vietnam - facts, reality, justice and honesty be damned. (More on the Scooter fiasco later if I've got the time.)

As for honesty, the characterization of the screen shot as *proof* that Fox lies is a blatant lie, but typical of the reality-challenged Left. Libby WAS acquitted of one count relating to lying to the G-Men, so there is nothing inappropriate about the Chyron shown. Were there supers reading "LIBBY CONVICTED OF PERJURY BEFORE THE GRAND JURY"? Probably, not that liars like Kos would ever admit it.

The Left likes to talk about "speaking Truth to Power", but if FNC is the Power and they have the Truth, why is Kos trying to herd his sheep into friendlier Olberman-Matthews-controlled territories?

Because they are liars and are terrified of their feckless candidates being exposed as such before a large audience. Cowards.


UPDATE: Ha!!! Edwards is taking his disingenuous outrage to the next level by using their fear and terror as a fundraising tool! Dig this!
The truth is, Fox News can "report" whatever they want. And when it works for us, we'll deal with them on our terms. But this campaign is about responsibility and accountability, and we need to send the message to Fox that if they want to be the corporate mouthpiece of the Republican Party more than they want to be an impartial news outlet, they shouldn't expect Democrats to play along.
Oooooh, the Big Bad Fox is a mouthpiece? Uh, what are the whole array of Treason Media outlets - i.e. everyone but Fox News - who are little more than PR outlets for the fascist liberals agendas. Is CNN, the purveyors of the Tailwind fraud, a more acceptable outlet because they don't question the Party edicts and actively collaborate with the jihadis, running snuff footage of out soldiers being killed by snipers? It appears so. It really is just more proof that when the fascist Left doesn't have total control over information and the thoughts of their subjects, er, the public, they just go nuts like the babies they are.

Their lies are so pathetic that they don't even realize that they're providing the links to debunk their own assertions, as John Hinderocker found out:
I was struck by this paragraph in the Politico story linked above:
FOX News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes gave the progressive activists more ammunition on Thursday when he jokingly compared Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, to Osama bin Laden.
I doubted whether Ailes had really "compared" Obama to Osama, so I followed the link. Here is the reference; it comes from a speech by Ailes in which he accepted, somewhat ironically, a First Amendment award:
It is true that I said Britney Spears looked great at the Academy Awards. and I later found out it was Jack Nicholson. [Laughter/ooohs]

It is true that just in the last two weeks Hillary Clinton has had over 200 phone calls telling her in order to win the presidency she must stay on the road for the next two years. It is not true they were all from Bill. [Laughter]

And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't know if it's true that President Bush called Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?' [Laughter]

I feel compelled, however -- on a serious note -- to say a few words.
Two things are immediately obvious. First, the Obama reference was a joke. Second, the joke was on President Bush. The idea that this somehow furnished ammunition that helped the nutroots get their way is ridiculous. The moral of the story is that Democratic office-holders are so gun-shy that they are afraid to stand up to their party's lunatic fringe.
The Left projects their fear of their extreme radical base upon conservatives and thus the meme that "godbags" - as Edwards temporary blogger refers to people who believe in God and not fascist government as the highest power - is promulgated. The sad fact is that the fascist Left simply can't tolerate different opinions - what we call the Truth - to be heard by the herd. That a single news outlet dares to present a different viewpoint from theirs is an intolerable apostasy and must be silenced. They really miss their monopoly on the news, don't they?

The final irony is that if you flip this situation on its head, you'd have to imagine Fox News Channel announcing that they refuse to cover John Edwards or any other Dem candidate. That would be an intolerable affront to journalistic integrity, even if it would put them in line with the Treason Media's unified refusal to report fairly on conservatives. It'd be funny how the fascist Left gets away with such hypocrisy if it wasn't such a dangerous time for Western civilization. How will the Breck Girl look with his Taliban-ordered beard? Elect him and we'll find out, won't we?


UPDATE UPDATE: A Las Vegas paper finds the Dems' crying quite pathetic:
he Nevada Democratic Party had agreed to let the right-tilting network co-sponsor, of all things, an August debate in Reno between Democratic presidential candidates. Party officials were serious about drawing national attention to the state's January presidential caucus, the country's second in the 2008 nominating process. What better way for the party to reach conservative and "values" voters who might consider changing allegiances?

But the socialist, Web-addicted wing of the Democratic Party was apoplectic. The prospect of having to watch Fox News to see their own candidates would have been torture in itself. So they set the blogosphere aflame with efforts to kill the broadcast arrangement, or at least have all the candidates pull out of the event. Before Friday, the opportunistic John Edwards was the only candidate to jump on that bandwagon.

You'd think the deal called for having Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter mock the candidates between comments. No, even unfiltered, unedited, live debate between loyal Democrats couldn't be entrusted to Fox News.

The approach of outfits such as is so juvenile it's laughable. Imagine if every political organization created litmus tests for news organizations before agreeing to appear on their programming. Republicans would have boycotted PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, National Public Radio and The Associated Press decades ago.

This hyperventilation results from the fact that far-left Democrats have no comparable media outlet, nor any widespread national appeal, for their radical views in favor of heavy-handed regulation, wealth redistribution, diplomatic capitulation and economic protectionism. So they attack their rivals' messenger with a reckless barrage of rhetoric that cuts down their own allies with friendly fire.

By Friday, the Nevada Democratic Party caved in to the lunatic fringe and began seeking a more "appropriate" television partner.

Comedy Central, perhaps?
Liberals support fascist speech codes because they know that there is no market for their tyrannical agenda on its own merits. The reason liberals are so anti-Christian is because Christians try to convert people by offering them a choice of a better religion. Liberals are more in tune with the "our-way-or-death" methods of Islamofascism. The idea that anyone who betrays the faith is condemned to death makes liberals all warm and runny inside. They like using force to enforce their dogmas. But I digress...

If fascist liberalism had any appeal, the Dems would be looking to preach their message before the largest cable news audience. By running like little bitches, they reveal that they are more afraid that their non-Kool-Aid-addicted crowd may stick to watching Fox News and learn how dangerous the Left is than they are desirous of picking off some non-liberal voters.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Yeesh. You know you're a bunch of scared pussies when DENNIS KUCINICH is calling you out!
“If you want to be the President of the United States, you can’t be afraid to deal with people with whom you disagree politically,” Kucinich said. “No one is further removed from Fox’s political philosophy than I am, but fear should not dictate decisions that affect hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of others around the world who are starving for real leadership.”

“I’m prepared to discuss the war, health care, trade, or any other issue anytime, anywhere, with any audience, answering any question from any media. And any candidate who won’t shouldn’t be President of the United States.
If the toughest Dem out there is a bleeding heart peacenik like Kucinich, how the fook can anyone - who isn't suicidal, that is - support the Dems for anything regarding security matters?


ZOMG!!! ANOTHER UPDATE!!! Camille Paglia has one of her waaaaaaaay-too-infrequent Salon columns which is a grab bag of topics, almost all of which are piquent and worthy of perusal, but this clip sums up how pathetic a diehard liberal (but not insane) sees her party:
Hence my unhappy surprise when Edwards, who has an attractively comprehensive social policy and strong oratorical skills, was the first to pull out of the scheduled August debate moderated by Fox News. What is this morbid obsession that liberals have with Fox? It's as if Democrats, pampered and spoiled by so many decades of the mainstream media trumpeting the liberal agenda, are so shaky in their convictions that they cannot risk an encounter with opposing views. Democrats have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time and 98 percent of American humanities professors to do their bidding. But no, that's not enough -- every spark of dissent has to be extinguished with buckets of bile.

But Fox is certainly disingenuous with its absurd "fair and balanced" motto. Oh, come on, give it up! Why can't Fox honestly admit its conservative agenda, as do major radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and simply argue that it represents a culturally necessary antidote to the omnipresent liberal line? Yet for Democratic presidential candidates, who will be assessed by voters for their ability to stand up to China, North Korea or al-Qaida, to run squealing from a Fox moderator as if he or she were a boogeyman with blood-dripping fangs makes the whole pack of them look like simpering wusses. Dennis Kucinich was quite right to express his scorn and offer to debate anyone anywhere and under any sponsorship. Nice job of skewering the sacred cow!
Read it all. She's a hoot. I wish she wrote more often.


Anonymous said...

Nothing inappropriate about the chyron? Sure, if you also believe that a headline like "LEE HARVEY OSWALD A TERRIBLE MARKSMAN-- 33% FAILURE RATE" is also appropriate.

Aren't you in the least bit embarassed to post such gibberish?

Dirk Belligerent said...

It's too bad that you stopped reading to post your whiny blather because the very next sentences read: "Were there supers reading "LIBBY CONVICTED OF PERJURY BEFORE THE GRAND JURY"? Probably."

Unless there were absolutely no subtitles reading that Libby was convicted, Kos' diaper-filling screed was just another LIE!!! Talk about cherry-picking intelligence to fit a pre-conceived notion!!!

Aren't you in the least bit embarassed to post such gibberish?