Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning Coffee

BONG HITS 4 JESUS: So, some smart ass kid holds up a sign reading this across the street from his school, gets suspended, sues the principal, and the case ended up in the Supreme Court yesterday. Listening to Bill Bennett on the drive in, it sounded as if Bill and most of his listeners were perfectly OK with what happened - we've gotta keep control of the punks; blah-blah-woof-woof - and said that even if the sign had said something non-druggie like "Republicans Suck! Vote Democratic!" and the principal stomped him, it would be OK.

That's a dishonest formulation. What if the sign read, "Jesus Loves You! Choose Life!", would Bill & Co. be so gung ho to shut the kid up? Of course not. Walk it like you talk it, you goofs.

WHEN IS 8>93? When it's the number of Federal attorneys fired by the inept Team Dubya, it is! The bias of the Treason Media has been on full display in their context-free reporting of the latest self-inflicted misstep by Team Dubya. They sacked eight political appointees and are being raked over the coals as if they'd executed them, but the reporters have taken great pains to omit that when the Clinton Regime rode into town, their first act was to fire ALL 93 prosecutors in order to cover that they were targeting two in particular - one who was looking into the endless swamp of Clinton crimes in Arkansas and one who was about to charge Dan Rostinkowski, whom Bubba needed to ram his socialist agenda thru Congress. Rosty was still charged and convicted and that led to Newt's leading the Stupid Party to take over Congress, but Clinton pardoned him, like he did for all his criminal pals.

Bottom Line: Another Team Dubya guy is going to be fed to the sharks. The problem is that AG Alberto Gonzales - his initials match his job title - has been a failure and should be unemployed for his giving Sandy Berger a pass, not investigating CIA/FBI leaks, not charging the Treason Media with treason, etc. He should be cashiered, but not for this.

O'REILLY, "O RLY": I rarely watch the Leprechaun (as Michael Savage calls him) because he so rarely actually engages in conversation, but last night he was actually awesome as he had some idiot woman from an anti-war group and quietly tore her to pieces. Actually, he just fed her the rope with which she hung herself in the eyes of the audience. As she made one outlandish charge of American evil after another, he calmly asked what proof she had and she NEVER ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS! She kept leaping to another charge and when pinned down, accused O'Reilly of being part of the "cover-up" of the Truth. He repeatedly asked her to provide some evidence and she kept dodging, saying "you're the reporter" and then accusing him of hiding the facts.

This moron was on the highest-rated shouting head show. She could've dropped a NY phone book-sized stack of documents to back up her wild claims but didn't? Why not? Duh. Because she's making it up! Duh! DUH!!! She's so used to the unquestioning treatment of the Treason Media and Air AmeriKKKa that she had nothing to offer but indignant fantasies of evil. I hope she'll enjoy her burqua and arranged marriage.

GRAW FAUX PAS: I screwed myself in GRAW last night. I was stumped as to how to get past these two tanks and was severely wounded, so for the heck of it, I just ran past them to the Palace - too long to explain; GRAW players will know what I'm talking about - and got there in one piece. The problem is that it saved my progress and inside there are about 20 rebels who kill me and my squad dead. Because I triggered and autosave point, I'm screwed and have to restart the mission about 8 segments earlier now. Drag. :(

REGARDING "300": Went to the theater for the first time in five months - that's another story - to see the man meat extravaganza "300". Hermione loved it, saying it made her giddy, and while I liked it, it didn't blow my hair back like "Sin City" or "Sky Captain" did. The critics have been slagging it mightily and while watching it, I saw why: It's about standing up to tyranny and to the anti-America, anti-Dubya media, this is simply unacceptable.

Before the film opened, the crix were grilling director Zach Snyder (who also did the "Dawn of the Dead" remake) as to which character was meant to be Dubya: Leonidas, the Spartan king who died defending his land against the Persian attack; or Xerxes, the Persian god-king who ruled most of the world with a huge force and met defeat at the hands of a scrappy little foe.

The fact that they had to ask this question shows how Bush Derangement Syndrome consumes the minds of those afflicted. First, the story is 2500 years old and the graphic novel was published in 1998. Now, class, who was President then? This isn't "V For Vendetta", where a tale inspired to slap at Thatcher was clumsily retooled to bash Bush to the detriment of the movie. It's pretty clear that if you want to draw a connection between "300" and the War Agaisnt Islmaofascism it's that Dubya is Leonidas standing against the forces of "mysticism and tyranny", as a character in the movie says. This is why the critics hate "300" - they hate Bush and hate the idea that free men be free.

Read about the cultural significance of the events dramatized in "300" here and realize that if Leonidas had bowed to Xerxes, Western Civilization as we know it would've likely perished. This make the fascist liberals maddest because free man resist the yoke of tyranny they wish to place upon us.

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