Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann Coulter Inserts Foot In Mouth, Shoots Self In Foot

There is a double-standard for what conservatives can say and do compared to liberals. Liberals are driven by rage and psychotically project their self-loathing upon their ideological foes, spewing profanities and slurs like David Mamet with Tourette's. Jesse Jackson says "Hymietown" and gets to be Leader of the Black People For Life; John Edwards hired (and then fired) a pair of bloggers prone to referring to Christians as "godbags" and Wonkette uses the term "Jeebus" like I use the letter "E".

While it's not fair, it is what it is and someone as smart as Ann Coulter should know that before she shoots her stupid mouth off. I'm not talking about her post-9/11 comment that "We should invade their lands, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" crack which got her dropped from NRO, but her ill-timed comments last year and last week.

First, she buried whatever she was trying to say with her book "Godless" - which everyone I've lent my copy to has said is excellent, but I haven't read myself yet - with her botched comment about the Jersey Girls, but she really stepped in it last week when she basically referred to John Edwards as a "faggot". Immediately, the Dems pounced on the comment seeking to turn Coulter into an albatross with which they'll club the Stupid Party with forever. SP candidates immediately distanced themselves and the Blogosphere has universally repudiated her. She's radioactive now and while some civilians feel it's not such a big deal and wonder why the Left gets away with having asstacklers like Bill Maher whining that the Vice-President wasn't assassinated, it doesn't change the fact that Ann let her impatient contempt for the Left get out of hand. She apparently has been asking why people think it's such a big deal and that's indicative of a certain cluelessness that her writing wouldn't have suggested.

The worst part of this mess? It wasn't necessary. Edwards is such a soft target with all sorts of real liabilities - his 20,000 sq. ft. mansion, his ambulance chasing law practice, his callow shallowness, his prettiness - that Coulter could've hauled off and bashed him mightily and not self-immolated. The most important rule of humor is that there be a kernel of truth to whatever you're mocking. Since Edwards may be a twerp, but isn't a "faggot" by any stretch of the imagination, there was nothing funny about Coulter's comment. This wasn't a "botched joke" - as the feckless crapweasel John Kerry's apologists tried to claim when he slandered our soldiers - it was a stupid comment. Period.

In Dean Barnett's item, he says that people are appealing to the First Amendment as a shield from criticism and that's just lame. Just as the Dixie Chicks had to suffer the consequences with the public for their anti-Dubya comments, Ann is going to have to take the hit for her stupid words. The difference is that while the Chicks got to me liberal martyrs, forced to flee to Canada to find an audience and soothe the hurt with a fawning documentary and five Grammy Awards, Coulter is going to be pilloried by the media and thrown overboard by her former allies.

The Left doesn't disown their bad actors ever, while the Right can't turn away fast enough. It's too bad that keeping a clean house doesn't score any points, even if it's the right thing to do.

The Moderate Voice has a round-up of the denunciations coming from all sides, though it is to laugh that he leads off by calling Andrew "GAY MARRIAGE UBER ALLES!!!" Sullivan a "conservative". More to the point is Sistah Toldjah who accurately mirrors my sentiments about the double-standard:

This is yet another legendary example of the far left’s patented ability to stand out as the absolute biggest hypocrites on the planet by once again not practicing what they preach. The right condemns their own, and condemns the left when they get out of line, but the left sees fit only to condemn the right, while routinely praising stalkers and potty mouthed bloggers on their side.

That is why when the left starts their outrage campaigns by calling for “the right” to condemn another conservative, I just chuckle. For those of you on the left who think you’ve scored a victory because so many ‘rightie bloggers’ have supposedly ‘caved’ to your demands for condemnation of Coulter’s comments, you need to take a cold shower, because the condemnation had nothing to do with your stupid demands and everything to do with the right holding their own side accountable for outrageous remarks/actions, something you guys have demonstrated once again you don’t have the ability, willingness, nor honesty to do. Lying hypocrites.
The Left projects their psychoses upon the Right, seeing everyone else's behavior through a hate-stained prism. While I'm sure some conservatives are peeved that yet another of their precious few voices is to be silenced while the hate-mongers of the Left bray on unchecked, never forget that this was Ann's foolish choice. I've worried that her good message was going to be drowned out by her stupid actions and it's come to pass and it's her own damn fault.

Conservatives believe that there should be consequences for one's actions and that's exactly what's going to happen. At least Ann appears to be sparing us the bogus mea culpas and blaming it on alcoholism/poor toilet training/oppression.

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