Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Beyond Productive Work With A Mac!!!!

Dig this lame mailer I got from Apple as part of their "Go Beyond Vista" campaign:

Make a movie. Publish your own podcast. Create gorgeous coffee-table books. Video chat with friends and family.* State your views in a daily blog. From the moment you turn on a Mac, you'll find that everything you want to do is easier than you ever imagined
What's missing? How about DOING SOME WORK!!! Not one thing on their list is anything more than navel-gazing hippie crap!!! "Dude, buy a Mac and, like, do fun stuff while waiting for the welfare check to arrive." Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Could it be because everyone and their grandmother already knows how to do office stuff, write e-mails, and all the usual crap?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Then that would mean that the Mac is the "toy computer" to do frivolous things with, while the boring PC powers the engines of Democracy and Capitalism. No one will cure cancer with a Mac. Blog the horoscope for Cancer? Sure. Cure it? Never.

While Macs are mostly overpriced toys, don't overestimate the ease of use of PCs. As a fairly geeky guy, I'm always amazed at the unintuitive interfaces, etc. of many computer applications. I'm always getting calls from my seventy-something-year-old mother to walk her thru some computer question or another. She still can't figure out bookmarks and types in the URLs for Leno and Letterman on a daily basis. Yeesh.

You don't even want to ask about the 10-hour ordeal trying to get my first iPod to work with my PC, no thanks to Apple's crappy drivers (this was pre-iToonz), non-existant documentation and outright LIES on the Apple site as to whether a Mac-flavored iPod (this was when they came in separate versions) could be used with a PC via a software update. Bastages!