Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday Fiver Double-Shot!

How freaking hard is it to do this dumb things in a timely manner? Pretty hard, from the looks of it.

1. What web browser do you use?

Firefox 1.5.x for just about everything, though I keep IE7 open to monitor my Gmail account.

2. What email client do you use?

When I used to actually download my mail, Mozilla suite, then Thunderbird; but I've been just using the web interfaces so I can get to my mail from any computer.

3. What type of Internet connection do you have at home?

Comcast cable. F*ckers jack my rate up and have reliability issues, but it's damn fast.

4. What kinda of computer do you have?

Self-built rigs with the main one being the "Quad Damager", successor to the "DIRK 6900", "DIRK 69000", and the "D3: Oedipus" rigs. Also a Dell laptop.

5. When did you first get 'online'?

1997. AOL. Fled to another ISP within a few months.


1. What do you dream about?

Not much. Never been much of a dreamer.

2. Who has been mean to you, lately?

Who hasn't?

3. What makes you tremble in fear?

Nothing, but the fact that people look at onrushing Islamofascist jihadis and automatically think it's a ploy by Dubya to take away their rights raises substantial concern for the future of the world.

4. Tell us something you've destroyed:

Anyone who's tried to argue with me when I've got the facts and they've got just lies.

5. Do you feel in control over your life?

Not enough.

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