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Why do Arab Muslims care less for Asian Muslims than "The Great Satan"?

I touched on this yesterday, but Uncle Tom sellout - that means "black conservative" to the diversity-minded race hustlers of the Left - Deroy Murdock has more in “The Great Satan” on Devastated Muslim Streets: A largely unreported story of goodwill. over at NRO. Some tease to encourage you to click one off:

The contrast could not have been clearer. The very day President G.W. Bush reached out to Democrat Bill Clinton and recruited his father, Republican G. H. W. Bush, to generate private tsunami-relief donations, Osama bin Laden's comrades detonated three car bombs in Baghdad, killing 16 Iraqi cops and soldiers toiling to rebuild their country. Once again, "the Great Satan" rescues endangered Muslims while Islamic zealots blew their co-religionists to bits. As the south Asian recovery unfolds, American public diplomacy should highlight this comparison to Muslims worldwide.

Countless Muslims were battered on "Black Sunday." Indonesia, Earth's most populous Islamic nation, was lashed hardest with 94,200 fatalities by Wednesday. Sri Lanka and India, both with significant Muslim minorities, have lost 30,240 and 9,675 people so far.

These and other nations have begun to see America's $350 million in government relief. At least $190 million in private assistance is en route, from multimillion-dollar corporate contributions to double-digit sums gleaned from piggy banks and church-collection plates. Catholic Relief Services witnessed such an outpouring of on-line gifts that its overwhelmed webpage crashed for 36 hours.

At an estimated $4 million daily, the Pentagon has mobilized Operation Unified Assistance, its largest Asian military operation since Saigon fell to Communism. By Wednesday, 13,435 U.S. GIs had used 21 vessels, 41 airplanes, and 50 helicopters to deliver 305 tons of supplies. U.S. warships desalinate water for the parched. There is much more help on the way.

All this from a nation that our Islamofascist enemies claim is committed to vanquishing their Muslim brethren.

America and the civilized world, the "infidels" in Islamofascism's crosshairs, are locked in a death match with this toxic ideology and its enthusiasts. Winning this struggle involves swaying rank-and-file Muslims around the world, many of whom call south Asia home.

They also should observe that this matches America's record of aiding at-risk Muslims. The U.S. saved Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, for instance, and donated $2.5 billion in development assistance to the Middle East and northern Africa in 2003 alone, according to the Paris-basedOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

We also should compare our generosity to the silence and stinginess of our foes. To date, Osama bin Laden has yet to offer a public word of sympathy to the hundreds of thousands of Muslims this calamity has killed, maimed, and dispossessed. The reclusive billionaire apparently has shared none of his wealth with the Muslims he claims to cherish. He has not even publicly invited fellow Muslims to open their wallets to aid those in, say, Banda Aceh, the largely Islamic Sumatran city erased like a misspelled word just 20 minutes after a 9-magnitude earthquake as ferocious as 10,000 Nagasakis.

While $350 million in government help now makes America the fourth largest donor-nation (behind Australia's $810 million, Germany's $680 million, and Japan's $500 million), no Muslim country rated among the top 10 benefactors. Before pledging $30 million Tuesday, 19th-ranked Saudi Arabia offered just $10 million. Sandra Bullock, an actress bereft of mineral resources, somehow gave the Red Cross $1 million

Reuters Wednesday tracked the government contributions from around the Arab oil patch. (No. 20 Qatar: $25 million; No. 22 United Arab Emirates: $20 million; No. 27 Kuwait: $10 million; No. 32 Algeria: $2 million; No. 33 Bahrain: $2 million; No. 34 Libya: $2 million). The $91 million in donations across these seven oil-soaked Muslim states plus Saudi Arabia officially are running on fumes.

Even worse, as the Middle East Media Research Institute reports, a Saudi cleric blamed infidel tourists for the tsunami. "It happened at Christmas when fornicators and corrupt people from all over the world come to commit fornication and sexual perversion," professor Sheik Fawzan al-Fawzan of al-Imam University told Saudi Arabia's al-Majd TV December 31. So why, professor, does Buddhist Bangkok's notorious red light district still thrive while so much of devoutly Muslim Sumatra was swept to sea?

Meanwhile, legislator Walid Tabtabai wrote in Kuwait's Al Watan daily that the deadly waves were "a test for believers and punishment for the unjust." Radical Islamic commentator Abu Ziyaad called this catastrophe "a warning from Allah" to those who "delay and neglect prayers...indulge in free mixing...and listen to music and songs." So why, Walid, didn't Allah simply level Las Vegas?

"We'd be doing it regardless of religion," Secretary of State Colin Powell told reporters in Jakarta Tuesday while surveying the ravaged region with President Bush's brother, Governor Jeb Bush (R., Fla.). Providing aid "does give the Muslim world and the rest of the world an opportunity to see American generosity, American values in action — that we care about every individual and the dignity of every individual."

America leads this massive mission of mercy because it is the right thing to do. That it benefits many Muslims who Islamofascists hope to infuse with hate is even more reason for us to show them our love.

Next time you hear Michael Moore waxing rhapsodic about his beloved "Minutemen" who blew up nine American soldiers yesterday (and will kill as many more as they can while we play "nice guy/sitting duck") or some corrupt U.N. official whom a President Kerry would've sucked-off daily bitch about American stinginess, ask them (and yourselves) a simple question:

Who's TALKING about the problem and who's DOING something to help?

Also, how much have piggish moneybags Moore and George Soros donated to tsunami aid. The Fictitious Docmentarian has a couple hundred million bucks on his Ponderosa EZ-Pay card and Soros certainly racks it up while bankrupting banks with his currency manipulation schemes - you know, the way Grandpa made his first $1000 - so you'd think they'd show some largese leadership.

Yeah, right.

If anyone can cite a contribution from these bastards, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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