Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Condi confirmed after attempted Dem lynching

Led by former (but unrepented?) Ku Klux Klan recruiter and champion tax guzzler Robert Byrd, a parade of noble multi-millionaire Democratic Senators took turns yesterday making an example of SecState nominee Condi Rice for being a race traitor to the liberal-black hegemony the Left believes is the natural order of things.

Even though there was no chance of derailing her nomination, they delayed her confirmation so that they could make a great show of their fat white asses putting that sellout Aunt Jemima in her place so that any blacks who saw this character lynching would take the lesson that crossing the racist White Facsist Donkey Party was a figurative death sentence.

Anyhoo, a more polite explaination for this kangaroo court treatment - soon to be repeated on the Hispanic AG nominee Alberto Gonzales (why do Dems hate their core voters so blatantly and why do minorities continue to support them?) - is provided by Jim Geraghty over at NRO's TKS blog in the piece "FINDING SOLUTIONS IS HARD, BUT RIPPING RICE IS EASY". Here's the whole thing:

Why are so many Senate Democrats trying to out-denounce each other on the nomination of Condi Rice?

Fundraising? Well, yes.

Because they actually believe that she lied? Well, yes, even though to think that, one would have to believe that President Bush and his advisers knew we would not find stockpiles of WMDs, and wanted to have egg on their face heading into a reelection campaign out of some mysterious self-destructive motive. Apparently the president’s reelection prospects after the midterm elections looked too good, and Condi, Rove and the gang felt the need to give the Democrats a big, easy issue to attack the president with.

But mostly, Democrat after Democrat will take to the Senate floor to call Rice a liar and worse… because it’s easy.

In a few days, the Iraqis will have an election. We all hope this development hurts the insurgency, but it doesn’t seem likely that Abu Zarqawi is going to fold up shop and quit. A tough job remains.

And the Democrats… just don’t have many serious ideas to offer to deal with this problem.

During the campaign, Kerry’s Iraq policy essentially was, “I’ll do everything the Bush administration is doing but better, faster, more effectively… and I’ll get France and Germany to help.” Other than a pledge that his diplomatic skills could bring about a stunning reversal on the part of Old Europe, and generic comments of “do more faster,” Kerry couldn’t come up with many specific proposals that were significantly different than what we are doing now.

Coming up with plausible new solutions? That’s hard. But re-hashing the debates that preceded March 2003, and declaring “Bush and Condi LIIIIIEEED!!!” is easy.

Democrats could propose a radical new course – such as pulling the troops out now. But they know that idea is a political nonstarter. So with no specifics and no different ideas… what does a Democratic senator say on the most pressing foreign policy issue of the day?

“Condi lied.” And they say it over, and over, and over again.

He omits that in addition to the endemic racism of the Left, they also harbor the same anti-American, anti-democracy, pro-totalitarian views of Al Queda and have been acting in an endless act of treason to undercut our country in service of those who would destroy us, but presumably spare them.

Multiply Baltar from "Battlestar Galactica" by several magnitudes of number and you can see just how dire the threat from within is.

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