Friday, January 14, 2005

No WMDs Mean More Liberal Lies and Spin. Yawn...What Else Is New?

So it's been announced that they've been unable to find any WMDs and the pacifist appeasers of the Left are firing up their old, tired cries of "BUSH LIED! KIDS DIED!" in hopes that repeated mantras will hypnotize the public into ignoring reality and with the assistance of the liberal and partisan MSM, they've got a good shot at keeping the Big Lie machine rolling.

In the run-up to the Iraq war, the Left, channeling their spiritual adviser Neville Chamberlain, made all sorts of predictions that tens of thousands of our soldiers would die on the battlefield because Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and a army tougher than a flabby, soft, evil American forces. When the invasion hit resistance after about 10 days of fighting, the media was cackling gleefully and warming up the Q-word – quagmire – to hang the Viet Nam albatross around Dubya’s neck for opposing their and France’s will.

However, after Baghdad fell in 3 weeks flat, the history revisionists immediately sniped that Dubya had lied about Iraq’s strength because, look at what happened, we ran right thru them. “Dubya LIED, Iraqis DIED!!!” Blah-blah-woof-woof and all the dire predictions from a mere month earlier were tossed down the Memory Hole by the Left.

As the WMD search went on into the Election year, the drumbeat of “BUSH LIED, PEOPLE DIED!” started and lots of books making false accusations of intel being “cooked up” to support a “war for oil, for Halliburton” hit the best-seller charts as the market for liberal fantasy porn was tapped. (It’s always OK when a liberal makes a buck, innit?) John Kerry flipped his flopper about his war vote to head off Howard Dean and in defiance of his record of speeches in 1998 when he, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Al Gore collectively were saying that Saddam was a threat and that he needed to be dealt with.

So, what had happened in five years? Easy. The Dems lost the White House and obstruction and sabotage became the raison d’etre of that Party. With the Fictitious Documentarian leading the propaganda offensive, Saddam was turned into a saintly and benevolent mensch and Dubya was the Hitler bent on destroying the world. Nice. Untrue, but good for business, especially if your business is lying and obstruction and treason like the Left is.

Anyways, one of Dubya’s greatest mistakes was to allow Clinton CIA chief George Tenet to ride along into his Administration. Part of it was due to the truncated transition period as Al Gore held up the 2000 Election in his futile attempt to steal the race in the courts and part was due to….well, I don’t know and I haven’t seen an explanation that made sense either. Allowing any remnant of that criminal enterprise that was the Clinton Regime to hang around was asking for trouble and 9/11 and the crap WMD intel – remember Tenet’s “it’s a slam dunk” pronouncement? – is the result and the body count; fanned by the treasonous Left for political purposes is the reward. Just ducky.

So, when you hear the Big Lie machine of the Left whirring into action, trying to paint the war as being “based on lies”, remember the facts and be aware there’s a hella difference between lying – which means making stuff up – and being totally wrong about what you thought you knew. Being wrong isn’t lying, but you won’t hear that from the MSM and as CBS has proven, they aren’t gonna let a little thing like the Truth get in the way of their agendas.

Finally, the build-up to the war was conducted over several months and a two-day ultimatum was issued before the shooting started. Saddam had pimped the sanctions process for a decade; had bought off the UN and are alleged allies and could’ve stalled forever, plundering the country and allowing those fine sons of his uninterrupted operation of the rape rooms, torture chambers and mass graves if only he’d allowed the useless UN inspectors back in and played like he was cooperating, but he didn’t.

Why not? Could it be that he was so used to knowing that Clinton would never do anything to protect American interests that he’d been lulled into thinking Dubya was bluffing?


Bottom line: Dubya was suckered by trusting people who didn’t have his or the country’s best interests at heart. Look for this to be twisted into the old refrains as the Left mobilizes to hide their seditious motivations and treasonous actions.

Note: This isn’t a defense of Dubya’s being a patsy of the Left; just a call that lies that he lied will be smacked down.


Anonymous said...

So evidently George Tenet is the most powerful man in the world, because on his say alone, we went to war against the advice of the entire world. Right, got it.

Wait, George Tenet was a Clinton hack, and it's his fault that we went to war under false pretenses. Right. Hopefully he'll be punished severely for being incompetent and making a fool of the president. I'm thinking something along the lines of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That'll show him, and the world, that incompetence is it's own reward. Or something.

Look, don't you get a headache from the cognitive dissonance it takes to keep believing in this administration?

The reality: we invaded a sovereign nation based on false information.

Dirk Belligerent said...

I must've missed the part where I posted that I agreed with the awarding of medals to Tenet? I also must've missed the serving of Kool-Aid which would've made me beleive that Iraq should be left alone because it's a "sovereign nation", despite its years of bad-acting and general no-goodnikism.

The "sovereign nation" shibboleth is merely code for "we don't think America should attack any fascist nations because it makes us worried that our liberal-fascist schemes for America may be resisted."

Weren't Germany and Japan "sovereign nations" when we attacked them in WWII? The Bush Doctrine clearly stated that if a country even harbored terrorists, it was a target and while the Lying Left keeps trying to claim that Dubya claimed that Saddam handed Osama bin Hagar a check to fund 9/11, the facts are that terrorists found safe haven in Iraq and whether related to 9/11 or not, they were ripe for a takedown.

Only a typical self-hating American liberal appeasement monkey would view the maintenance of tyrants as a good thing, but take heart, there's always kind Uncle Fidel to love with a your soul and you may not even have to adjust for time zone differences to call and say you love him!

The Era of Kumbayah is over! We did it the liberal/UN way and 9/11 was our reward. Time for some Jack Bauer action and for our enemies to die BEFORE they die killing us. If they want to see Allah so bad, I say we hasten them along their path.