Wednesday, January 26, 2005

If the Dems don't want you to have them, it must be in your best interests to have them.

Dubya has said that he planned to attack the Social Security time bomb and the Dems and their lackeys in the MSM have fired up their Big Lie machines and are starting to saturate the airwaves and broadsheets with polls, spin and a general FUD campaign to derail his efforts. (They oppose him on everything else, so why start cooperating now?)

One front of this Big Lie jihad is to accuse Dubya of calling SocSec a "crisis" to frighten people into supporting reform. Of course, this is rank hypocrisy from the Party that had their President operating for eight years on the premise that every problem was a crisis that demanded a large socialist takeover by the Feds. Clinton called SocSec a ticking time bomb, just as he had said Iraq was a threat due to WMDs, but not that the Facist Donkey Party isn't in control, suddenly everything they said before is now lies and fear coming from Team Dubya.

Yeah, right.

Another Big Lie about the Left is that they support "choice". Now, the only "choice" they actually support is abortion 24/7 - sorry, but ya gotta call a shovel a shovel, folks, but that's another topic for another time - because when the concept of letting people have any choice in how THEIR MONEY is supposedly allocated for their retirement, it's "Whoa, Nelly! Hold the phone!" time and and they demand that people only have ONE choice and that's to remain enslaved to the government system that they control and rob to fund their socialist vote buying schemes.

For a taste of just how hard you're going to get f*cked without reform, scope out the Social Security Calculator that the Heritage Foundation has put up. Be sure to modify the defaults to reflect your personal circumstances and realize these are merely generalizations, but when I did it, I see that TWO-THIRDS of my potential return on my Social Security taxes is going up in smoke and that's IF they don't rework the payouts by fiat when they realize the scam has played out.

You can go to Starbuck's and order coffee in a hundred different ways; you can shuffle 10,000 songs in your iPod in exactly the order you want; buying a car offers countless options; even when you vote, if you don't like the Coke or Pepsi parties, you can always toss your vote to the RC Cola party out of spite, but when it comes to that 13.4% of YOUR money that's being mugged from your paycheck every couple of weeks, you only get ONE CHOICE if the Left has its druthers and when there's only one item to choose from, then you don't have a choice at all, do you?

Sure you can invest what's left after Uncle Sam robs you into IRAs and other investments to attempt to make up what you know damn well the government has no intention of paying you, but why do so many people accept this setup? Why don't they want control of their own money? If someone snatched their wallet in the grocery store parking lot on their way in and yelled over their shoulder, "You've still got money in your checking account - use that money to buy food.", they wouldn't feel to happy about that, but they follow like good drones to the drumbeat of the Left when told they can't invest their own money in accounts that THEY control.

Some choice.

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