Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Resolved: There is no place for Islam in the modern world.

Sounds harsh, but until the silent (and may as well be mythical) "peaceful" majority of Muslims step up and crack down on the medieval fascists running amok, I don't think we should be too concerned about their po' widdle feelings (e.g. Abu Graib - guess we shouldn't care about the innocents being beheaded and blown up.)

On the evening news, they showed some proud suicide bomber announcing that he intended to kill Americans and hoped not to harm Iraqis because "Muslim blood is precious." Yeah, right. Why there wasn't more precious Muslim blood flooding the streets of Fallujah back in April when they were hanging mutilated bodies parts from bridges and the Marines were ready to clean out the pit until the spineless politicians put on the brakes in the lame hope that the media would be nice to them. Schmucks.

Also fueling this fed-up feeling is reading the profile of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the Person (what happened to Man?) of the Year issue of Time. What was surprising amongst Time's usual "Dubya = Evil" content was how they detailed how this monster has been itching for a place to commit jihad against the infidels (he was too late for Afghanistan) somewhere - anywhere - and Iraq is the where du jour, but if he's driven out of Iraq, he'll just go somewhere else to continue his slaughtering ways.

So much for Michael Moore's pretense that the insurgents are "the Minutemen - the Founding Fathers." Memo to Moore: F*ck you, you fat f*cking f*ck!!!!

Of course, the Left is escaping their culpability for the continuing carnage. So supportive of the murder of our soldiers and innocent bystanders - like the woman who worked for CARE there for 30 years - in hopes that the bloodshed would fuel Dubya's defeat, they never condemned the murderous Muslims, but instead blamed Dubya and tried to lay the bodies on his doorstep. Nice. Not.

Well, the Election was over EIGHT WEEKS AGO - and no, Ohio isn't going to get the Washington treatment - but the bodies are still coming because after letting the wolves get a steady diet of blood, it's no surprise that they haven't gone veggie now that there's no political benefit for their deaths. Thanks, Michael. Thanks, Bruce. Assholes.

May as well add liberals to the headline for there is no place for their treasonous ideology in a freedom-loving world. Off to France with the lot of you!

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Anonymous said...

"I think the resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq. I think the resistance is more than 200,000 people," - General Muhammad Abdullah Shahwani, director of Iraq's new intelligence services.