Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Racist Democrats (is there another kind?) Stall Condi Vote!

As you read about the latest abuse of a minority who doesn't swear fealty to the liberal-fascist Democrats, ask yourself how the MSM would play it if the GOP was stalling on a Dem Prez's black female nominee?

I know it's like saying water's wet when pointing out the Left are hypocrites, but for some reason, some still can't see the brazen hate of these supposed "champions of diversity."


Great cartoon about the Feckless Crapweasel and the Crying Lying Twit voting against Condi in the committee vote:


Little Green Footballs has a couple of brief items about Boxer's unrefuted-by-the-MSM lies and an example of how Kerry is still trying to pass the Global Test.

As iffy a proposition as Dubya may be, things could've been far, FAR worse if Kerry had ascended to power.


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