Friday, January 07, 2005

The Return of the JACK BAUER POWER HOUR!!!

Aka "24", one of the few TV shows I watch religiously - actually a bad metaphor cuz I grudgingly drag myself to Church only a couple times a year - and the only one that videotaping is not an option. The party kicks off Sunday, Jan. 9th from 9-11 EST and the very next night, they're running another two hours. SWEET!!!

Of course, you're prolly thinking, "What's the right-wingnut point of this, Dirk?" Well, there actually is a bit of a news angle and it goes a little something like this....HIT IT!

In a item at the Broadcasting & Cable site that's no longer available without a subscription, a Muslim group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, got a look at the 24-minute sampler DVD that came in Entertainment Weekly and started whining about how “They are taking everyday American Muslim families and making them suspects. They’re making it seem like families are co-conspirators in this terrorist plot." In another scene, she says, a terrorist is shown coming out of a mosque. The way the episode depicts Muslims creates an atmosphere in which many Americans look at all Muslims as suspects in the war on terror, she adds. “It’s very dangerous and very disturbing.”

Boo-friggedy-hoo, but, as pointed out by star Keifer Sutherland on tonight's Charlie Rose show, there ARE people and groups around the world that hate America as much as your typical American university indoctrination technician (i.e. college professor.)

In response to this news on a BBS I frequent, I posted the following:

Let's get this straight, because bad guy characters are shown as being Muslims, that means they're saying all Muslims are being called terrorists? Uh, right. (Every hear of a little town called Madrid?)

Political correctness bullsh*t like this cripples art and makes us weaker as a nation. Between the "Kill me first" dress code for air marshalls (see Dirkworld for more on this) and the rules against searching too many Arab men for fear of racial profiling accusations being made, we're being forced to be insecure in order to protect the po' widdle feelings of a religious group whose peaceful moderates certainly keep a low profile.

Should Fox force the show be reshot with a more acceptable, politically correct threat? How about Nazis or Catholic priests? Everyone hates them, so let's make them the bad guys, cuz that's the way things really are nowadays, right? Lots of Nazis and priests blowing themselves up, yes? (Wasn't it on CNN?)

Sorry, but the whole reason people enjoy the JACK BAUER POWER HOUR is EXACTLY because Jack and Palmer didn't pussy-foot around, worrying what the world and press were gonna whine about while they were torturing suspects to prevent L.A. from being nuked.

In a time of timid so-called leaders fumbling national security because of fear of the MSM, we watch "24" to get that nice fantasy of a government that actual puts AMERICA first.

Objection overruled! Plaintiff is instructed to watch "Lost" for its inclusion of the only member of Saddam's Republican Guard who apparently never hurt a fly.


Another forum member - a generally alright bloke whom I've occasionally scuffled with over movies (who doesn't?) - posted this in reply:

Dirk I agree 100%. I've been saying that this show is a catharsis for the American audience. While the US military cannot find Bin Laden, we have a counter-terrorist agent who will stop at nothing to protect the lives of innocent Americans.

After updating the forum about the Charlie Rose shot (to alert Left Coasters who may be interested), I closed with...

Ironic that on a day where we saw one American political party carry the water for and defend the terrorists who want to kill their constituents out of political spite, we get a glimpse of the world mentioned above where protecting the public is Job One.

Too bad it's just a fantasy.

If you've never watched "24", for gawds sake, START WATCHING NOW!!! You can thank me later.

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