Friday, January 28, 2005

What Country is Massachusetts part of?

In two days, Iraq is going to try and vote in the first step toward the hoped for establishment of a constitutional democracy and in a stepped-up campaign of terror and bloodshed, the enemies of democracy, freedom and America have cranked up the attacks on our soldiers and the people of Iraq.

I speak, of course, of multi-millionaire elitist thug Senators John F. (for fraud) Kerry and his mentor, the corpulent mistress killer, Teddy Kennedy.

On Sunday, Tim Russert is going to host the losing gold-digging Feckless Crapweasel for his first interview since getting his silk-clad ass kicked despite being up against a president who was ripe for the taking with all the bad news that had been reported - not that it was actually true, but whatever - so he can presumably moan about how everything was totally awful and how his masters at the UN are disappointed that their oil-for-food scam has been busted and....

Whoops, sorry. Started dreaming there.

But, he most certainly will drone on in that zombie funeral director monotone of his about how terrible things are in Iraq at the same moment Iraq citizens are risking their lives to participate in their destiny. Nice.

Even (and ever) worse is Teddy Kennedy's outburst the other day in which he vomited (along with a fifth of 5-o'Clock vodka) his tired litany of lies and fury about "George Bush's Vietnam" (ironic choice considering his bro started that little adventure) and demanding that the anti-democracy insurgents be rewarded by our cutting and running, effectively making the loss of American life a total waste and allowing their most dire predictions to become self-fulfilling.

Note: One of the thing's that started my march away from my past votes of convenience for the Stupid Party was Dubya's cuddling up to the only Kennedy boy not worth a bullet to anyone and allowing him to co-write the disgusting No Child Left Behind thing which promptly became a club used against him. In addition to the NCLB backstab, Fat Teddy continually provided aid and comfort to our enemies by undermining public support for seeing the post-war period though and by extension encouraging the slaughter of our forces and innocents in order to have a CAMPAIGN ISSUE. If you're a war widow, you can thank Teddy and his sidekick Michael Moore. (They're rich and your husband is dead. Hoowah!)

Back to Negative Ted - why is he making such a stink NOW instead of waiting a few days for something bad to happen that would justify all the naysaying? Ya got me. Maybe he knows something? Why not? The Democratics anti-democracy antics in Washington and Wisconsin to steal elections are akin to Zaqarwi's statements that Al Queda is at war against democracy, so why shouldn't they be sharing info when their shared goals are to destroy America and install themselves as some sort of holy dictatators.

On Hardball, Weds. night, an L.A. Times reporter actually made the mistake of speaking some truth (hat tip The Corner) to the blustery Chris Matthews when he said:

"I spoke to a Marine, a young Marine captain. He made a very good point. He said, this is not Vietnam. The insurgency here has no philosophy to speak of. This isn`t a philosophy like the Viet Cong that had communism, that had a national leader, Ho Chi Minh, that they adored. The insurgents basically have no philosophy, except no government, no control, no self-determination.

So it`s hard to think of them as some sort of legitimate party in that regard. They`re essentially -- in Ramadi, certainly, you could liken them to the Mafioso, who would really like to control, if not the whole city, certain neighborhoods and continue doing so.

Remember, this is a city that not even Saddam Hussein could control. They took over the government center from the Saddam Hussein government while he was in power. This is a very, very tough city as part of a tough province, the Al Anbar Province. There`s no philosophy here. There`s violence."

Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, couldn't control Ramadi, but we're the bad guys for not bringing them to heel? Ho-kay....

Also note that during the campaign last year and even now, the Dems have been harping how we didn't have enough troops on the ground to "win the peace" and how stupid Dubya is, but now that the Iraq election is about to occur - despite the calls of the media to postpone it to allow for more soldiers to die - they're suddenly flip-flopped and demanding that we CUT force levels. Nice trick, eh?

Bottom line: Reasonable people want this mess over with ASAFP, but aren't gonna try and sabotage it for partisan gain. The K Twins are all about the sellout of their country.

Remember who's on whose side as this plays out.

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