Monday, January 10, 2005

Rathergate Update: Heads roll, but it's a wrist-slap in the end.

The 234-page report on SeeBS's coordinated smear attempt has dropped with three CBS execs being forced to resign and producer/character assassin Mary Mapes getting the axe - hopefully ending her career in respectible *cough* news, though Air America and the NY Times are still options, I guess.

However, the blogosphere is already calling this a "whitewash" because two crucial details are left unpunished:

1. The forged documents are never outright called fake, but rather they're likely to be fake. (And Pamela Anderson's boobs are possibly real, too!)

B. The blame is being placed on competitve pressures - a rush to be first with the story - and not on the blatant agenda of Mapes and Rather and their desire to defame the guy they wanted out of office.

INDC Journal has their take and a sampling of other reactions and any of the political links at right will surely have their 1/50 of a dollar, so go take a look.

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