Friday, January 07, 2005

Stupid Party Shoots Selves In Foot - Democrats Have Racist Field Day

I've been remiss in posting about the never-ending bigotry and condescending racism of liberals. As part of their "we're better than you are" mindset, they definitely consider themselves above the minorities they exploit thru fear and bribes every four years - hey, if "those people" were so smart, they wouldn't vote their own chains of dependency thru us, would they?"

When Colin Powell (the first black Sec of State) announced he was resigning and was replaced by Condoleeza Rice (who'll be the first black woman SoS), the racist liberal media flooded their pages with cartoons that I thought went out in the 1850s, depicting her as a rag-head Prissy who "don't know nothing 'bout no foreign policy" - a vile stereotype those same liberals would NEVER let go by if it was a liberal black getting defamed by, say, Fox News Channel.

USA Today broke the story that noted (heck, almost only) black conservative Armstrong Williams was paid $240,000 to talk up the stupid No Child Left Behind Act which is so flabberghastingly stupid, I don't even need to explain why it's wrong. What blows my mind is that everyone was so naive/clueless/braindead as to think that this was A-OK on the first place and that the MSM wouldn't crucify them for it in the second. This is why the GOP is the Stupid Party and I'm glad I didn't vote for these clowns.

Well, a typical reaction to this sad story of woe is found in the thoroughly disgusting Steve Gilliard's News Blog : Massa, I sure do likes No Child Left Behind, which I don't recommend you read on a full stomach. Since a counter to racism is to cast disinfecting sunshine into its greasy corners, I guess it's instructive to see how liberals REALLY treat those "uppity" ones who dare escape their Democratic masters. Hold your nose.....

Of course it's totally unethical and illegal, but hey, he's already sold his soul to massa, why not sell it some more. Massa George wanted him to do somethin' so he did it. And got paid well for it.

On top of Clarence Thoams begging his white patrons for money, this ought to expose the character of the negro conservative. They have no soul and no morals. They can be bought by their white overlords because they apsire to their status, but think themselves unworthy to be treated as the same. Now, I'll freely admit both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have used their position to gain personally. But this kind of craven greed is a feature of the negro conservative. He shuffles and bucks along for his master, losing his soul and dignity in the process.

He has no ethics to begin with, the show horse for a bunch of people who think he's lesser than them. So why wouldn't he use his position to enrich himself and hide his illegal arrangement with his white masters. He's already sold his dignity and self-respect. Why not sell his reputation as well. Williams is already an embarassment to black people. This just furthers the shame he brings.

Ugh. If that's not enough, read the Comments for more KKK-DNC hate speech.

Rhetorical question: If the problem with black conservatives is that they sell their dignity to the white masters, how is that different from the liberal welfare pushers who condemn poor blacks to an enternity of dependency in order secure their political lifestyles.

Gotta take a shower now to wash this filth off.

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