Monday, January 10, 2005

Washington Guv Race: Will the Bloggers be able to save democracy from the Democrat thieves?

That's what John Fund is wondering as bloggers have been able to keep the pressure on about the shenanigans that allowed the Dem to steal the election by using bogus ballots and multiple count until democracy was bent to the Dems will.

Somehow I don't recall Barbara Boxer weeping over this real theft like she did for the bogus sour grapes about Ohio last week. Shouldn't the Democratic Party just change its name to something more accurate, like the "Supreme Soviet"?

Much of the evidence uncovered on King County's flouting of election laws first appeared on, a blog run by computer consultant Stefan Sharkansky. A former liberal who worked for Michael Dukakis in 1988, Mr. Sharkansky calls himself a "9/11 conservative mugged by reality." He uses his knowledge of statistics and probability to illustrate how unlikely some of the reported vote count changes are. He also uncovered the fact that in Precinct 1823 in downtown Seattle, 527, or 70%, of the 763 registered voters used 500 Fourth Avenue--the King County administration building--as their residential address. A full 61% of the precinct's voters only registered in the last year, and nearly all of them "live" at 500 Fourth Avenue. By contrast, only 13% of all of King County voters registered in 2004.

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