Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stingy Americans? How about those stingy Arabs?!?

I saw this on the news last night but didn't get a chance to dig up the citations - you see, bloggers link to their sources, the MSM says "trust us" and gets snippy when pressed and caught - but at MSNBC - Tsunami relief pledges soar past $3 billion, there is a chart in the middle listing the pledges of the various countries.

Last night, Japan was #1 with $500 million, but Oz and Home o' the Nazis have stepped up with $810 mil. and $674 mil., respectively. (Looks like Dubya's gonna have to bid up our Texas Hold 'Em stake.) But what caught my ear was how incredibly stingy the contributions from oil-rich Arab countries has been in helping their fellow Muslims in need. Dig it:

Kuwait: Pledged aid supplies worth $2 million
Qatar: $25 million
Saudi Arabia: $30 million aid package
United Arab Emirates: $20 million

That's $77 million dollars, merely a FIFTH of what Great Satan AmeriKKKa (Ice Cube spelling) has ponied up so far, but five times more than the stingy consumers at Amazon have coughed up. One of the reasons given is that they're afraid that some of the money may fall into the hands of infidels.

That's right - their own people can suffer, lest someone get his infidel hands on the money before they get around to blowing them up. Also, the Egyptian papers have been speculating that American and Indian nuclear testing may be to blame (Cool! Hindu bashing, too!) and these supposedly educated folks are believing it like they believe 9/11 was caused by Jewish suicide pilots. Of course, the environmentalist whackos blamed the tsunamis on global warming so it's not so much a religious issue as a common "hate America" ideology.

And the reasons why Islam isn't fit for these times just keep coming. Too bad. So sad.

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