Friday, June 02, 2006

ZOMG!!! It's Friday Morning Coffee!!!

I've been too busy and too pissed off to do the light morning coffee thing and today is no different, but I figured I needed to force myself to do something frivolous before the feeling that I've taken Crazy Pills consumes me.

The world has gone nucking futs! Up is down; lies are truth; right is wrong; blah is woof - you get the drift. The nation and the world are facing serious problems and instead of dealing with those, we're treated to the Treason Media's jihad on Team Dubya. It's more important to the fascist Left to destroy Dubya and America than air itself and this situation in Haditha, Iraq is being touted as "My Lai 2006" by a media who hate the military and wants nothing more to tear it down and leave America a humbled, broken giant living on its knees in shame.

All because the Dems picked lousier candidates than Dubya and are too immature to face up to their bad decisions, preferring to live in a fantasy world of stolen elections, etc. Pathetic.

BUMMER ARTICLE OF THE DAY: My foul mood is due in no small part to this column, "Iraq Syndrome Has Finally Arrived" by Daniel Henninger which says in part:

This Memorial Day week the news is preoccupied with stories of the Marine squad that allegedly killed civilians at Haditha, a town in Iraq. The narrative of this story has pretty much set in already: It's another My Lai, we all know they did it, the brass covered it up, and prison sentences for homicide are merely a formality.

Haditha is indeed the new Abu Ghraib. What this most importantly means is that any U.S. military action overseas now, no matter its level of justification, can be taken down by the significance assigned to events by the modern machinery of publicity. This explains why the U.S. commanders in Iraq announced yesterday that all soldiers in the next 30 days would take what the headlines are calling "ethics training." Of the some 150,000 U.S.-led troops there, Lt. Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the U.S. combat commander in Iraq, said "99.9% of them perform their jobs magnificently." Yes, and 99.9% of them, after all they've been through, will deeply resent the clear inference they lack "core values." Is that different than standard "Corps values"?

Stories of apparently malfeasant U.S. troop behavior are arriving daily now. A military truck whose brakes failed from overheating crashed and killed Afghan civilians. Press reports are now fly-specking whether the troops shot over or at the rock-throwing mob of more than 300 that surrounded them. Every one of these troops surely knows the story of Mogadishu. Been there, never again. But there will be investigations of their behavior.
Intercepted communications between Al Queda cells have openly said that while the military component of their jihad is a failure, the propaganda war is going well. Well, DUH!!! When the anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-military fascist Treason Media gets to pick what it's going to distort in order to brainwash the public into believing that strength is weakness and America is the greatest evil in the world, of course they're going to ally with the Islamofascists against their shared foe of Dubya and America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that rot.

Liberals whine like bitches when they think that their patriotism is being challenged and timid pundits like Rush and Sean kowtow and say the they're just questioning their judgement, not their patriotism. BULLSH*T!!!! You've got to call a shovel a shovel and if you're siding with our enemies because you can't get over political defeat, then you are a TRAITOR and NOT a PATRIOT!!!

I told you I was depressed. Now for something lighter before I get back to work...

THE FRIDAY FIVER - Favorite phrase when you have:

1. Ate food that tastes bad

As good a time as any to start that diet.

2. Stubbed your toe

YEOUCH!!!! F*CK!! F*CK!! F*CK!! F*CK!! F*CK!! F*CK!! F*CK!!

3. Become frustrated

I'm gonna kill someone!

4. Broken something


5. Been cut off by another driver

Arm photon torpedoes!!!

DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: Today I'm feeling in an Anne Hathaway mood. (Enjoy it now before the Taliban covers her up.)

As a bonus, here are some NSFW screen caps of the nude scene she did in "Havoc" which was the only reason anyone saw the movie!

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