Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dems To Lose Big This November? Huh?!?

Michael Novak seems to think so.

Just think how crushed the Left is going to be when they lose seats in the onrushing congressional elections this November. They have been so certain they would win big.

They have been blowing hot air.

My belief is that the Left has not yet learned the lessons of 1989. They have not learned that big government cannot make an economy inventive, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. The Left is still a party of, well, not quite socialists, but certainly a party of anti-capitalists.


They call themselves the “reality-based community,” when in truth they are still living on scraps of the old illusions, from which they have never wakened.

The Left is going to lose — big — because they have nothing noble, nothing beautiful, nothing real, nothing true, with which to lead. They are the merchants of illusion. And a significant majority of Americans, although not all, see through them.
I dunno about this one. While Democrat defeat is a good result, the problem is that the Stupid Party will believe that they won by being feckless on the borders and profligate with their spending. The only way they'll come to their senses is to get their asses handed to them by the conservatives who've given up on their failed tenures.

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