Friday, June 16, 2006

Mark Steyn: Dem Victory Would Mean The End of American Influence

Transcribed from his appearance on Hugh Hewitt's radio show:

MS: You know, all the talk, basically, the Democrat media view on Iraq, that this is a civil war, is completely and utterly deranged. I mean, it has none of the elements of a civil war. For a civil war, you need two sides that are willing to fight. And there simply are not large numbers of Iraqi people who are interested in joining this. So you've just got a dwindling, isolated band of terrorists who can blow up Muslims in bus stations, and Muslims in shopping markets. And the more they do that, the more they're going to be in the situation Zarqawi, where there's more and more people willing to rat him out.

HH: And even as that unfolds, however, like runaway trucks, the left in the United States cannot seem to cope with news, especially news for which they're not programmed. And so Yearly Kos unfolds into a long, anti-Bush rant, and today in the Senate and the House, the resolution to cut and run out of Iraq lost by a vote of 93-6 in the Senate, with only Boxer and Feingold and Kerry and Kennedy and a couple of know, Bryd and one other person. But the net roots, as they call them, can't seem to cope with this, Mark Steyn.

MS: Well, no. I mean, you say only six, but we're talking about the great lion of the Democratic Party, Ted Kennedy. We're talking about their last presidential candidate...

HH: Yup.

MS: John Kerry. We're talking about the so-called father of the Senate, Robert C. Byrd. I mean, we are talking about very eminent figures here. And what I think people should understand is that whatever the argument for going into Iraq, once you're in it, you've got to have even better arguments for getting out of a was without victory. And I think for America to actually announce an exit strategy, to say you're right, this is a disaster, we're getting out of here, we're going home, it would end the American moment. If America cannot even withstand in fact what is a relatively successful operation in Iraq, if even that is too traumatizing for a society of 300 million, then that's the end of the American moment. There's no reason for Russia and China to pay any attention to America ever again. Not only that, there's no reason for Belgium or Luxembourg to take America seriously ever again. It's over. You go the John Kerry route, it's over. And if Americans really want to be the kind of defeatist loser nation that Kerry-Kennedy & Co. paint them as, so be it. I don't think they are, and in fact, I would say you know, despite the best efforts of the Republican Party to shoot themselves in the foot and in the hand and in the kneecap and everywhere else, that the Democrats will not do well this November, and the Republican Party will hold Congress.
Read the whole thing and check the transcript below it to see how the psychos who control the Dem Party are trying to run out anyone who tries to preach a little moderation. The old heroes of the Dems - FDR, JFK, LBJ, Truman - would be attacked as "neocons" by today's loonies.

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