Thursday, June 15, 2006

What The Treason Media Isn't Telling You About "Hadji Girl".

The spineless military brass is shooting their own troops in the back in order to appease the demands of jihad-enabling outfits like CAIR and you've probably seen brief news clips about the Marine singing the song "Hadji Girl". The stories are repeating the Big Lies that the song celebrates killing civilians because that's what the Treason Media thinks of our servicemen - that they're redneck racist goons who were too poor and stupid to be liberals and thus kill innocent people of color, blah-blah-woof-woof...

To see what the Treason Media isn't telling us, bop over to Hot Air and watch Vent which plays the ENTIRE song with the lyrics scrolled over it so that you can see for yourselves what the song REALLY says, not what the Treason Media tells you it says.

Conservative blogs provide the evidence while the Treason Media lies and lies and lies as if no one will ever get the real story out there. Those days are ending, fortunately.

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