Wednesday, June 28, 2006

“A Good Program…to Make Us Safer…Is Over.”

Byron York talks to Thomas Kean, the co-chairman of the September 11 Commission about the NY Times' treason and how America is less safe - collateral damage in the Treason Media's jihad against Dubya.

“I think it’s over,” Kean says. “Terrorists read the newspapers. Once the program became known, then obviously the terrorists were not going to use these methods any more.”

“That’s the way it is in this war,” says Kean. “There are a number of programs we are using to try to disrupt terrorist activities, and you never know which one is going to be successful. We knew that this one already had been.
And that's why the Treason Media determined it had to end. Left in place, the SWIFT program would've allowed us to roll up more terrorists and their financiers and less attacks and death means fewer clubs with which to beat Team Dubya about the head with. If the War on Terror appears to be succeeding, then voters won't have cause to toss out the GOP and elect the desired fasicst Democrat candidates.

In order to secure political power, people need to die - soldiers, terror victims, anyone - and with the Treason Media's assistance, Al Queda will be able to kill many, many more innocent people. All to punish America for not following orders and electing Democrats.

Now the EU is piling on, because they don't want to rile up the Muslim hordes which occupy their lands and are poised to riot and murder (like France last year) their dhimmi subjects. We're always lectured by the liberal elites that we should be more like Europe, but with their history of genocide, appeasement and scary enthusiam for fascist government, I think we should pass on the generous offers.

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