Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Buh-Bye, Andrew.

I've kept the link to Andrew Sullivan's site for quite a while despite his descent into madness over gay marriage and his frequent specious diatribes against Dubya, but he's gone too far in shrieking that America is evil and it's all Dubya's fault because we've dared to discomfort the Islamofascists who would cut his dhimmi throat if they had a chance.

So insane with rage over the gay marriage issue he is, he doesn't even consider what life under the Taliban would be like for him and his fellow homosexuals (no pun) if America is prevented from fighting this evil threat. (It's like the stupid priests who cuddle up to Marxist dictators in the name of "liberation theology".)

See ya, sucker (again, no pun) - good luck with your Muslim pals.

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