Friday, June 16, 2006

The First Ever Owen Wilson Sex Quiz!

HuffPoo troublemaker Greg Gutfield has a new site, The Daily Gut, with his quirky humor including this titular quiz testing your knowledge of the phallus-nosed star's proclivities. A snip:

1. Is Owen Wilson having sex right now?
a. Yes
b. Probably

2. If Owen Wilson is having sex right now, is he having it with
a. two women
b. two women of different nationalities
c. three women, one of them a member of the Houses of Parliament
d. a rare Fran├žois' langur monkey.


When you have sex with Owen Wilson, he prefers to pull out and ejaculate onto pictures of your parents.

Owen Wilson has a private laboratory in his house where he creates things he can have sex with.

Owen WIlson suffers from a strange disorder that prevents him from assessing the quality of his sexual conquests. Recently, for example, Owen Wilson was about to have sex with Britney Spears but decided instead to have sex with a rare whooping crane.
Some funs stuff at the Gut. Look for it to be added to the links at right.


UPDATE: I forgot to add the link to this interview with Greg. Sorry.

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