Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Official!!! The GOP Will Steal The 2006 Elections!!!

Or that's what unhinged moonbat moron Mark Crispin Miller says at The Huffington Post. His theory - typical of those suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome - is that there is no way that the Stupid Party could defeat their Divine Right honestly, so if the fascist Dems can't win, then they should riot in the streets until they are handed power.

As a commenter here notes:

Let's follow the "Professor's" logic.

Democrats win back Congress in 2006 = Elections fair and upright. No need to look into any voting anomolies, particularly in Chicago, Wisconsin or New Mexico.

Republicans retain Congress in 2006 = Elections stolen, crooked, and the people should rise up and cast off their fascist overseers.

Someone should explain to this "academic" (and I use the word loosely, the way people use the word "athlete" when discussing card players) that if democracy only works when one side wins that it's not really democracy, is it? Then, let him take his Prozac and hope for the best.
It's funny to notice that even though "democracy" and "Democrats" share seven letters, they share little of the underlying meaning.

They are sore losers and that is why they are in league with the Treason Media: If they can't have the power, then no one can have a safe and peaceful country. "DIE, YOU MORONS!!!" should be their new bumper sticker slogan.

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