Friday, June 02, 2006

Clinton Uses Fundraiser To Blast GOP "Crony Capitalism". O RLY?

The Big He said:
the Republican Party is dominated by "right-wing, white Southerners."
Other than being a Left-wing criminal, how is he different from his description?
Clinton also hit the GOP for favoring the rich and practicing "crony capitalism".
Unsurprisingly, there is no mention about how he fired the White House Travel Office and had Billy Dale brought up on trumped-up charges (that he was acquited of faster than O.J.) in order to give the business to his cronies. And how about his sale of pardons? Don't forget about the sale of White House "coffee" to Chinese arms dealers and his co-conspirator Al Gore's "dialing for dollars" from his office, another felony, which Gore said had "no controlling legal authority" to stop him.

No one from the Clinton Regime should dare to call corruption or cronyism on the current pack stinking up the place. Not because there isn't anything funky going on (eh Brownie?), but because some of the most egregious perps of these shenanagins should simply STFU out of a sense of shame. (Not that they have any.)

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