Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Let's Get This Stupid Party Started! (RNC Night 2)

Live-blogging and updating as needed...

• I'm not sure who's talking now, but he's boring me to death. Oh, he's Sen. Norm Coleman, the one who the rage-consumed tax-dodging bully Al Franken is challenging. Bland vs. anger. Lucky Minnesota.

• The stage has this giant video screen which makes me with they were going to have Rock Band or Gears of War sessions instead of whatever yawn-inducing whatnot they're going to put on.

• Case in point: The video about the flag running now. This is the sort of patriotism that the fascist Dems would never continence, but it still feels blah. The staging better pick up.

• Gwen Ifill is giving Tucker Bounds, McCain's campaign spokesman, the third degree that she didn't give her friends at the DNC last week. How am I not surprised that suddenly their journalistic teeth will are now out? She's asking if Palin's nomination is about to be scrapped since they've slung all the mud Fuhrer Obamessiah demands of them and she's obviously not worthy according to them. Keep it up, Treason Mediaers - the backlash will be stunning if I know the decency of the general public.

• Jeez, this is boring. I'm gonna play some more Uncharted. Back in a bit...

• OK, I'm back, it's perhaps 20 minutes later and a dour Gwen Ifill is asking someone else if Sarah Palin is a drag and to be tossed overboard. What media bias?

• Bush 41 and Barbara Bush are in the house. The sound mix seems more subdued this week compared to the rock show ambiance of last week's DNC. Is the crowd quieter or is the mix meant to convey PBS's disdain for the GOP and the desire to make people think there's no excitement in the room? (A little of both methinks.)

• Now the talking heads are trading stories of McCain's supposedly bad temper. Clinton still gets into beet-red in the face rages, but no one thinks he's got a bad temper. No negative emotions for Dems, right?

• Some Hispanic Democrat is out now talking about faith and surviving prison camp in Nam. Yawn.

• Gwen Ifill is leading into Dubya's speech by discussing his legacy with Christine Todd Whitman, the liberal former guv'ner of New Jersey, and Michael Gershon, a bleeding heart liberal who thinks conservatism needs to get pinker and more like liberalism. I see that no real conservatives are being called on to participate, but then again, what real conservatives does/did Dubya have around?

• Now David Brooks, the cuckolded token non-liberal at the NY Times is joining in the chorus of people who think that McCain really should've chosen Lieberman in order to appeal to the younger, brain-washed young voters who are programmed to vote for fascist Dems in the name of "social justice".

• Good film about Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor who got the Medal of Honor in Iraq. The crowd is applauding his heroism and sacrifice. Dems would spit on this man grave and sneer he "died for a lie". It's too bad we can't pack them up and ship them to Afghanistan where they can cuddle with their allies against America.

• Laura Bush's intro for Dubya had a couple of good digs, but was otherwise Stepfordian.

• Dubya opens with hurricane blah-woof. Followed it with more blah-woof. Go away, loser; you've primed the country to commit suicide with a false Messiah.

• Interesting detail in Laura's follow-on comments where she mentions what Cindy McCain could do in the "next four years in the White House." Is this a tipoff that McCain will only serve one term. (I think that's all he'll do. The question is do you announce it before the Election?)

• PBS took a break, so I flipped over to the NBC coverage and they were running delayed tape of Dubya's talk. What they left out were the reaction shots from the hall, so when Dubya paused for applause, he was just standing their looking stupid. Gee, nice going, NBC. Way to Olberman it up. Assholes.

• Fred Thompson is up with huge slabs of red meat for the crowd. Folksy and good-humored. (Someone should put him on a TV show or something.) He's giving McCain's life story, detailing all the war wounds. Yikes, I didn't know he'd been banged up that badly. The crowd is silent as they hear Fred lay out the details. I wonder how many voters know these stories or that he has one son back from Iraq and another on his way out for his 2nd tour. (So much for the chickenhawk smears.) He also has an adopted Indian daughter who was given to them by Mother Teresa. Unlike scumbags like John Edwards who exploited his son's death to an extent that even John Kerry was disgusted, McCain doesn't exploit his story for gain even when it's costing him politically. That's why Fred Thompson's out here; McCain won't pimp his life story. What does Obama have to match this? Organizing the community? Bah.

• Awesome speech from Thompson. (Text is here, but it doesn't read like it sounds spoken.) If I hadn't strategic voted for Romney to stop McCain in the primaries, I considered voting for Thompson. He was a lackluster candidate who didn't seem willing to diminish himself by slumming for the job. This was part of his appeal because I've always thought that anyone willing to slog thru the muck necessary to get power should be disqualified from the gig. The PBS pundits whined that it didn't lay out a vision of a "new Republican party", meaning it wasn't liberal enough. Wah.

• Joe Lieberman is out talking with his former party threatening to punish him for daring to speak at the convention. They had no problem with traitorous Stupid Partiers coming to suck up at the DNC last week, but how dare Joe return the favor? Bleah. Joe L. was low key compared to Thompson, but made the case for patriotism over party. People in the crowd have signs reading "COUNTRY FIRST". The Dems agree with these signs, but disagree that America should be the first country. (I think Barry likes Germany. He certainly has the taste to be Fuhrer.)

• Can't wait to see Charlie Rose's All-Fascist Review and how they spin this. It looked pretty dull, except for Thompson, so will it matter?

• Nightline is pushing the meme that the Palin rollout has been rocky. Well, imagine that. The entire Treason Media is shredding this family for daring to be a Republican running against the Obamessiah and then tries to claim wide-eyed that they're just dispassionate observers of events. They ominously hint that more skeletons in the closet. Considering their track record, they'll make stuff up if necessary to achieve their agenda goals. US Weekly is putting out a hit piece on the cover of their next issue. US is owned by Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone, who has been a ridiculous Dem booster since forever. Recall that they airbrushed a bulge onto Al Gore trousers in 2000 and have put a heavenly glow around the Obamessiah, so that he's using all his assets to push for the new Reich is no surprise. (Malkin compares US coverage of the Obamessiah with the hit piece here.)

• Charlie Rose's panel was surprisingly even-handed, though there were still some whispers of Palin innuendo. They had Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) on to be the partisan rah-rah guy like they did with a Dem last week, though in this context, he stands out as the obvious outsider. Toward the end, they veered into psychoanalysis and tried to promulgate the theory that McCain isn't happy because he's stopped thumbing conservatives in the eye. Maybe so.

• Tomorrow night: Sarah Barracuda!

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