Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Weird Fiscal Thinking

I'm out of ramen at home (or anywhere else.) I like it as a late snack when I get a little hungry, but don't want to make a heavy bunch of food. If I go to Meijer, they are about 15-20 cents each - CVS wants a whopping 50 cents each. My girlfriend mentioned that Meijer was having a sale for 6/$1 or 16.6 cents each and I was hemming and hawing over going because I'd rather pay 15 cents each. Not even two cents difference and I'm fretting about it!

OTOH, I'm having a a serious camera nerd boner for the Canon 5D Mark II and it's $3500 and I may just drop the coin for it without blinking more than twice. Odd how two cents bothers more but this chunk of change doesn't.

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