Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupid Party Poised To Be Stupid?

The Facts: The Dems are anti-energy because they are anti-capitalism and in the thrall of environmental extremists. The Stupid Party is pro-capitalism (or used to be) and can use discontent over energy prices to clobber the do-nothing Dems and help our national security.

Faced with such an easy choice, it should be no surprise that the Stupid Party is about to act in a bi-partisan manner - which means "Repubs selling out to Dems"; NEVER the other way around - and supporting a bogus energy bill that will do no good and make things worse in the long run. Ace of Spades is in a righteous lather about it:

Perfect. A "drilling" bill which does not actually permit drilling -- thus ending all possibility of expanded drilling in the future. The Democrats will say, correctly, "Well, we voted for a 'drilling bill' last time and supplies did not rise and prices did not fall. So isn't our precious ecosystem more important than expanded drilling, which has been proven not to work?"

It's better to have no bill at all than a phony one which dishonesty "proves" there's simply no point to drilling more American oil.

At least with no bill, we can keep fighting on this vital issue into the future, with some hope of success.
I like how he really gets honked off here - warning: bad language incoming:
Honestly, guys. A month ago we were not going to vote for you. You were going down in flames.

You want to fuck with us again? Do it. Fuck with us again. Fucking sell us out and refuse to heed the strong preferences of your constituents.

Do it, fuckers. A lot of us are simply angry and want a goddamned shock to the system. And here's the thing you can take to bed with you tonight -- a clearing out of all of you deadweight RINO Senators and a genuine Republican bloodbath is also a perfectly serviceable shock to the system as far as we're concerned.

It's not our first preference -- but it is a not-terribly-distant second.

Try us.

Do it. See if we're fucking kidding, assholes
Emphasis was in the original. Yikes. It's not too late for McCain and the Stupid Party to throw it all away. I'm almost counting on it.

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