Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Continuing Inability To Spend Money

Even though I'm drowning in un- and half-played games and never got more than 35 hours into Oblivion (while still buying the expansion packs), I had a crap day at work and thus decided I needed to get The Witcher Enhanced Edition which is coming out today. However, the FOUR stores near my work I went to - Beast Buy, Target, Circuit City, and Gamestop - were all bereft of copies. BB actually doesn't show the damn thing as being in stock until NEXT Tuesday and now I see that Amazon is saying they won't have it until Thursday. Jeez, I could've save $12 and had it tonight if I was willing to forgo hard copies of everything and pre-order thru Impulse. Grrrrr.... Oh, well...it's not as if I needed it or anything. Pffft.

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lol, PC