Thursday, September 04, 2008

Buh-Bye Kwame!

Mayor: 'I lied under oath'


UPDATE: The fat f*cking criminal is making a farewell address and he's true to form: self-pitying, playing the victim card, and unable to keep up pretenses for a few minutes. He said that he took full responsibility for his actions then turned around and whined that Gov. Granholm had forsaken the po' and fo'closed peoples of Michigan in order to persecute him. Cry us a f*cking river you fat f*cking f*ck!!! You went down because you're a CRIMINAL!!! His wife is sitting there beaming at her husband and he claims that their marriage is stronger than ever now. Gee, everyone should go out and have multiple affairs and commit felonies to keep their marriages strong!

One of his lawyers was on the radio claiming that the reason he pled guilty to three felonies was because the media "vilified" him and made it risky to try and get a fair trial. Yeah, that's why he pled guilty, the press coverage, not the fact that HE WAS A FAT F*CKING CRIMINAL WHO COMMITTED 11 FELONIES THAT WE KNOW OF AND WAS CHARGED WITH AND PROBABLY HAD HIS PRIVATE ARMY OF COPS ASSASSINATE A STRIPPER!!!!!

I was IMing a black acquaintance of mine from work and he was in the "good riddance" camp, but worried that it would make all black politicians look bad. I don't think black pols are as suspect as the voters who don't vote the best man, but the "biggest nigga" (sorry, but that's the only way to put it) into office and then live in the squalor their brothers deliver them. Kwame beat another black man for reelection, despite being under heavy suspicion of all sorts of wrongdoing, by playing the ace card against his opponent - he wasn't "black enough" for Detroit. It worked, and now Detroit looks like a joke. (BTW: My pal recently moved out of Detroit because it wasn't worth it to stay in the city and have his stuff ripped off.)

Good bye and good riddance you fat f*cking crook! He's promising a comeback, too. Lovely!

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