Saturday, September 13, 2008

CFE: Politico Goes After McCain

THE BACKGROUND: Politico has another in their increasingly partisan hit pieces pushing the Obama talking points, this time that ol' McCain is getting mean and it's such a shame that he's saying mean things about that nice Obamessiah. Tsk tsk. Please. My reply:

Did the Politico crew sleep with pods given to them by the MSNBC crew at the DNC because the past couple of weeks have been a pretty jarring lurch to the left for this site. I used to enjoy its even-handed approach, but it's clearly gone to the Obama side and it is now merely repeating Obama talking points almost verbatim. Even Dennis Miller was remarking about it recently.

That McCain is "soiling his reputation" shows the Goebbels-worthy methods of the Treason Media: "You do as we say or we'll tell everyone you're a dirty poopy-head and no one will like you. Neener neener!" When McCain was routinely selling out conservatives and stabbing his party in the back, he was the golden boy of the media, but the moment he started acting as a Republican seeking to defeat a Democrat for office, suddenly the hand-wringing began and the worries that McCain was soiling himself - gee, is that supposed to make us think he wears adult diapers? - appear in print.

I always thought McCain was a naive schmuck for believing that the Treason Media would stick by him when he was actually up against their Democrat allies for the Oval Office. Now that the facade of the Obamessiah is starting to crumble like cheap Styrofoam columns, his disciples are frantically trying to drag him over the finish line.

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