Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sun Sets on Britain.

I can't wait to see Mark Steyn's reaction to news that Sharia law is now operating with full legal force in the UK. Here's a snip of the joy:

The revelations sparked uproar yesterday, with warnings that the fundamental principle of equal treatment for all - the bedrock of British justice - was being gravely undermined.

Critics fear Britain's Islamic hard-liners will now try to make sharia law the dominant legal system in Muslim neighbourhoods, and warn that women often receive less favourable treatment at the hands of the traditional Islamic courts.

But critics fear Muslim women victims will be pressured into accepting a sharia court settlement, and husbands will escape with lighter punishments than in a mainstream criminal court.

In one recent inheritance dispute in Nuneaton, a Muslim man's estate was spit was between three daughters and two sons with each son receiving twice as much as each daughter - in keeping with sharia law.

In a mainstream court all siblings would have been treated equally.
In the Lewis Carroll-worthy crazy world these days, while Islamofascist tyranny races across the globe with the complicity of those poisoned by liberalism into committing suicide in the name of diversity and tolerance, the feminists who are in such high dudgeon over the existence of Sarah Palin are utterly silent about the REAL oppression of women.

As I've pointed out before, the greatest wrongs against women are the lack of female Catholic priests and the idea that perhaps the greatest accomplishment a can achieve is to have an abortion, (in the minds of extreme feminists, that is.) Fifth-class treatment for Muslim women isn't an important issue to them; Sarah Palin is, as Lindsey Lohan has screeched.

Channeling Rosie O'Donnell, Lindsey seems to forget that as a woman, she would be a 2nd-class non-citizen under Sharia law and that as a newly-minted lesbian, she and her girlfriend would be DEAD. How stupid do you have to be to support Obama, who will surrender the fight against Islamofascism, and usher in a world where you will be genuinely persecuted and/or killed? This stupid.

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