Sunday, September 07, 2008

Video: No, Obama didn’t “admit” to being a Muslim on ABC

I got an off-topic comment submission from some anonymous pussy who ALL-CAPPED that Obama "admitted" he was a Muslim. Poking around, I quickly found this Hot Air report crisply slapping down this story as a non-story.

While there's nothing to this incident, it does include this more enlightening musing:

Exit question: If McCain’s responsible for every smear leveled against Obama by a conservative whether he condemns it or not — as certain prominent nutroots bloggers have long asserted — then by extension isn’t Sullivan’s Palin smearapalooza a de facto operation of the Obama campaign? Assuming, that is, that it’s not an actual operation of the Obama campaign.
Check out the links above to see the pattern of Obama's maintaining plausible deniability while a well-oiled smear machine works to destroy his opponents. That he often follows up the smears his minions launch with a whining demand that others stop attacking him - when no one has - is just a cherry on the top of his audacious sundae.

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He is coming unglued: